EXCLUSIVE: This is Richard Simmons with the Mexican housekeeper who considers herself his ‘wife,’ believes she will ‘inherit everything’ and poisoned him against former personal assistant

Fabulous in a sequined sweater what’s more, ruby red lipstick, this is the servant blamed of ‘kidnapping’ Richard Simmons, imagined at a party with the antisocial star.
The photo, which was gotten solely by Day by day Mail Online, was taken in January, 2014 what’s more, clues at the close relationship  Mexico-born Teresa Reveles, 64 appreciates with Simmons.
Earlier this week, Reveles was denounced by the 67-year-old entertainer’s companions of controlling him utilizing dark magic.
A second picture, moreover only obtained by Day by day Mail Online, appears the two wreathed in grins as they posture in the feasting room of Simmons’ extravagance Los Angeles mansion. 
In the shot, too taken in January 2014, a casually-dressed Simmons rests his hands on a situated Reveles’ shoulders while both bar extensively at the camera.
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The selective photographs come in the wake of a turbulent week for Simmons, who, on Sunday night, was constrained to telephone two VIP talk appears to deny that he had been hijacked by Reveles.
‘I am not kidnapped. I am just in my house right now,’ said the New Orleans native.
‘No one ought to be stressed about me. The individuals that encompass me are superb individuals who take incredible mind of me.’
Of Reveles, he added: ‘She’s been with me for 30 years. It’s nearly like we’re a hitched couple.’
But the previous individual aide of the wellness guru-turned-recluse has given subtle elements of the occasions that driven up to the star’s withdrawal from society what’s more, he puts the fault decisively on Reveles’ shoulders.
Mauro Oliveira, 49, told Every day Mail On the web that Simmons’ housekeeper, 64, is controlling him with dark enchantment – what’s more, it was Richard himself who trusted to his companion that he was under her thumb.
‘Yes, that’s what he told me [about Teresa],’ said Oliveira. ‘He told me last time we spoke. I inquired him, does she control your life? He said ‘Yes.’
‘And I accept she’s doing dark magic,- indeed I accept that’s what she’s doing.’

Simmons, who shot to notoriety in the early 1980s after showing up on NBC reality appear Genuine People, has not been seen in open since 2013, driving to hypothesis about what might have gone wrong. 

But companions such as Oliveira accept that something is exceptionally off-base what’s more, at the point when he talked this week he was talking under duress. Presently he is frantic to see Simmons with his claim eyes.
Oliveira accepts that Richard’s descending winding started after a trip to Europe in February 2014 with Richard, himself what’s more, his sibling what’s more, sister-in-law.
Then one of his adored Dalmatians died.
‘He had 17 a long time with Hattie [who was put to rest in April 2014] what’s more, well, the mental breakdown.
‘He got totally messed up. He was as of now having a few breakdown, a few mental breakdown, a few issues with outrage management, a few falling outs.
‘I accept it is a summit of a lifetime. Since he’s continuously been high on life for his entirety life what’s more, I think it at long last slammed down.’
Oliveira has composed a book, Ruler Rich & the Underhanded Witch, a thinly-veiled story of his fellowship with Simmons –  who is called Ruler Rich in the book -and the Underhanded Witch in which he gives further subtle elements about the occasions driving up to his current isolation – among them a bust-up amid the pair’s visit to Italy.
He too claims that the trip, to Paris, London what’s more, Venice, was destroyed by Reveles what’s more, her propensity of stowing away notes announcing that she what’s more, his Dalmatians canines were missing him in his luggage.
The Brazilian composes about a battle he had with Simmons, which he faults on the defame impact of Reveles who is renamed ‘Witch Boreza’ in the tome.
The bust-up came amid an trip in Venice what’s more, was, he says, activated by him shielding Simmons’ sister-in-law Catherine, 59, to an perturbed gondolier.
‘Suddenly Ruler Rich [Simmons] begun battling what’s more, shouting with the craftsman [Oliveira], embarrassing him like never before,’ he writes.
‘Telling him he was a nobody; an unaccomplished craftsman who didn’t offer a piece of workmanship in months etc, etc… [sic].’
He adds: ‘The Lord was being had by the underhanded notes composed by the witch [Reveles] that were polluted what’s more, set in unique spots in his luggage.
‘The Ruler begun to sing musical drama noisily in Italian. It was as on the off chance that an underhanded soul had his body. The craftsman begun yelling back at him yet chosen to be calm since it was Witch Boreza’s doing.
‘It was demonstrated once once more that Witch Boreza was the one who had the awful vitality what’s more, was the negative impact in the King’s life.’
Shortly after they returned to the US came Oliveira’s game changing last meeting with Simmons, amid which he was told to ‘get out’ by Reveles.
Now, says Oliveira, Simmons is living the life of a virtual detainee in his possess home. ‘Richard’s life right now, well he as it were has contact with Teresa, his supervisor [Catalano] what’s more, his brother,’ he claimed.
‘And he is 24/7 bolted up. He never gets out. In the event that you need to know what he does most of the time, I would say sleeping. Dozing most of the time.’
Reveles, who was imagined standing protect outside Simmons’ extravagance Los Angeles home on Monday, essentially lives at the property – in spite of sharing an loft what’s more, a extensive Hollywood home with her servant sister Bertha, 65.
‘They live together what’s more, they have a townhouse together,’ he explained. ‘But Teresa lives in Richard Simmons’ house.

‘I accept she is presently there 24/7 – absolutely for the last two years. Somebody told me the other day that they went to her sister’s house what’s more, her sister said she is never there.’
At the sisters’ down-at-heel West Hollywood loft today, a neighbor drawn closer by Day by day Mail On the web said he had not seen Reveles that morning be that as it may had spotted her clearing out the past week.
Oliveira added: ‘Teresa accepts she’s going to acquire everything – the house, money. Since his sibling [Leonard Jr] is more seasoned than him what’s more, Richard is not a enormous fan of his sister-in-law.
‘And so Teresa accepts she’s his informal spouse what’s more, since she’s endured him for 30 years, she accepts that she merits to acquire everything. She doesn’t need any rivalry around.’

He too griped that Simmons ‘didn’t sound right’ amid the meet he gave to Stimulation Today around evening time on Sunday what’s more, said his current isolation is ‘out of character’.
‘He didn’t sound well, he don’t sound right,’ he said. ‘It was exceptionally conceivable that at the point when he spoke, Teresa or, on the other hand the supervisor [Catalano] was right next to him, making beyond any doubt that he said the right things.
‘The thing is, in the event that is true that there is nothing off-base with Richard, at that point why not appear a video of him saying that he is fine, saying farewell to everyone for a while what’s more, in the event that he is prepared to come back, in the event that ever, he will let us know.
‘But just give individuals peace of mind or, on the other hand the puzzle what’s more, hypothesis will last forever.’
He added: ‘It [his isolation] completely out of character since Richard is a individuals person,’ he said. ‘Richard adores individuals what’s more, he needs to be around people.
‘He adores his fans what’s more, he told me many, numerous times that no one is more vital than his fans what’s more, that he will never let his fans down.
‘Now, he’s totally close everyone down counting companions from decades back what’s more, who adore him extremely much.
‘There is one who is this 95-year-old woman what’s more, they’ve known each other for 40 years. They know each other for 40 years.
‘She’s like a second mother to Richard what’s more, he’s completely cut his relationship with her. What’s more, please, I’m asking Richard to reach out to her at least.’ ‘
‘I don’t need her to bite the dust without being capable to say farewell to Richard.’

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