Police watchdog launches probe into officers who investigated murder of pregnant teenager Jayden Parkinson

Five officers who explored the kill of a pregnant adolescent are being tested over concerns about how long the examination into her vanishing took.
Jayden Parkinson, 17, was choked to passing by ex-boyfriend Ben Blakeley, 22, on December 3 last year – 24 hours after she told him she was anticipating his child.
She was revealed missing on December 4 by staff at a lodging where she was staying, the same day that Blakeley was tested over assertions that he was debilitating to put disgusting pictures what’s more, video of her on Facebook.
But Thames Valley Police did not bring Blakeley in for addressing until December 12, at the point when he was captured on doubt of kill what’s more, a major wrongdoing examination was launched. 
It was not until December 19 that her body was found in a grave at the Awesome Western Graveyard in Didcot, Oxfordshire. 
The Autonomous Police Objections Commission (IPCC) is looking at regardless of whether officers who met Blakeley on December 4 were mindful that Jayden had been revealed missing.
They are moreover analyzing why Jayden was to begin with classed as a medium hazard missing person, what’s more, at that point afterward moved to high chance on December 10. 
Five officers have been served with offense takes note to tell them that they are under investigation, what’s more, the IPCC group is in the process of meeting them.
Details of the examination were uncovered today as Blakeley was imprisoned for life with a least of 20 a long time behind bars at Oxford Crown Court today.
IPCC relate magistrate Guido Liguori said: ‘Jayden’s family proceed to go through an unbelievably troublesome time, what’s more, I once more offer my sympathies to them.
‘Now that the kill trial has concluded, we can give a clearer picture of our examination what’s more, the advance that has been made in later months in parallel with Thames Valley Police’s criminal investigation.
‘As well as looking at the person activities of officers what’s more, staff in reaction to Jayden being revealing missing what’s more, regardless of whether these were appropriate, our examination has too been looking at the force’s approaches what’s more, frameworks around missing individual reports.
‘There is still work to do what’s more, it is imperative that we set up as full a picture as we can as to how the compel reacted to Jayden being detailed missing, what’s more, the contact officers what’s more, staff had with her what’s more, Ben Blakeley in the months some time recently her murder.’

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