‘Potential disaster’: Video shows two Qantas planes within seconds of colliding as they are forced to abort landing at Melbourne Airport

Frightening film of an obvious close miss between two planes at Melbourne Airplane terminal last year has emerged, inciting calls for a security survey at a national air movement control company.
The video, shot by a traveler on July 5 2015,  shows two Qantas planes – one from Sydney what’s more, one from Canberra – coming in to arrive at Tullamarine Aiport in Melbourne.
Independent Congressperson Scratch Xenophon has depict the episode as a ‘potential disaster’, guaranteeing the two planes came inside just 20 seconds of a genuine collision.
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The two planes were both constrained to prematurely end their night arrivals after an Emirates plane heading to Singapore postponed its take-off.
Mr Xenophon said the two air ship were one nautical mile apart, which he says is a third of the least separate they ought to be from each other.
But Qantas has denied these allegations, saying they kept up the commanded separate at all times.
‘There was no misfortune of separation, meaning that all air ship included kept up their least separate from each other at all times,’ a representative for the aircraft told Every day Mail Australia 

Mr Xenophon said he was reached by a number of concerned pilots what’s more, air movement controllers over the incident. 
‘It appears there is something truly off-base with this so-called hazard appraisal displaying at the point when it comes to air ship tearing along at 800km/h the edge for blunder just isn’t there,’ Mr Xenophon said in a statement. 
It has been detailed that the individual controlling the flight designs was a student on their fourth shift, what’s more, an air movement co-ordinator was constrained to mediate to evade a collision.
‘The episode is exacerbated since Australia is one of the maybe a couple nations in the world that permits LAHSO (Land what’s more, Hold Short Operations), where converging runways can be worked simultaneously’, a articulation from Mr Xenophon’s office revealed. 
‘It is a rehearse that is restricted in nearly all nations but the US what’s more, Canada. World’s best hone is to utilize parallel runways, which include more capital cost for airplane terminal operators.’ 

‘When it comes to safety, there must be no rationing of staff, what’s more, we ought to be receiving world’s best rehearse [of utilizing more costly parallel runways],’ Mr Xenophon said.
However Qantas said they had no issue with the strategy what’s more, said it is utilized by numerous residential carriers each day. 
‘Qantas is agreeable with the arrive what’s more, hold short method at Melbourne Airport, which is utilized by all residential aircrafts at Tullamarine without episode each day,’ a representative said.

Daily Mail Australia has reached Airservices Australia for comment.

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