Gifford-Hull, who possessed a part share in a trailer-making firm, had denied killing his wife

Gifford-Hull, who possessed a part share in a trailer-making firm, had denied killing his wife He said her demise was an mischance that happened at the point when she assaulted him amid a push at their home over the state of their marriage what’s more, his having had sex with prostitutes
He stowed away her body under a bed some time recently tossing it out of a first-floor window what’s more, taking it to woods, where he went back a few times to attempt what’s more, cover it
A pooch walker found her deteriorated remains on October 6, just days after her husband’s Television appeal
One of Gifford-Hull’s lovers, Elaine McGeachy, who he met on an web dating site, told the court they had had sex at the spot where he took his wife’s body Judge Fellow Boney QC deferred the case for sentence tomorrow
During the six-week trial the court heard that Gifford-Hull made “an expound what’s more, decided pretence” to cover up killing his spouse at the £500,000 home they shared with their two youthful children
Michael Bowes QC, prosecuting, told the jury that Gifford-Hull reached police on the morning of September 17 what’s more, once more the next day saying his spouse had disappeared
He too told his child what’s more, girl that on the evening of September 16 he’d had a monstrous contention with his spouse what’s more, that she had cleared out with her visa what’s more, significant sums of money
He recommended to criminologists that his spouse had returned to Finland, provoking an worldwide police examination into her disappearance
But all the time her body was either in the house, in a plant shed or, then again at Micheldever Woods close Winchester, where Gifford-Hull had attempted to cover her in what he portrayed to analysts as “blooming hard work”
When no follow was found of his spouse he gone to a press meeting on October 5 Mr Bowes told the jury it was a “quite amazing execution that the respondent put on”
During the appeal, Gifford-Hull shed ‘crocodile tears’ what’s more, argued for his spouse to get in touch since their youngsters had made a pennant for her birthday
A day later, Mrs Gifford-Hull was found in a shallow grave that had been burrowed by Gifford-Hull who had returned twice to the site in a offer to cover up the body
When captured by detectives, Gifford-Hull said that, after drinking wine what’s more, a bottle of gin, his spouse had assaulted him with the supports she was utilizing after an operation on her leg
He told police he pushed her away until she fell on her back what’s more, held weight on her until she “calmed down” as it were at that point figuring it out he had slaughtered her
In an interview, he said: “I thought ‘gosh she’s quiet’ at that point it unfolded on me she was dead At that point I sat on the bed considering ‘crikey I have slaughtered her’ which was accidental I was attempting to stop myself from being pummelled ”
In the witness box, Gifford-Hull told the jury: “I attempted to stop the blows coming in by snatching her I pushed with both hands, I had her weight bearing down on me, she was greater than me, I was just attempting to stop her hitting me ”
The jury heard that the defendant’s 19-year marriage was in inconvenience since Mrs Gifford-Hull had found out that her spouse had been utilizing prostitutes
He cleared out the family home in the summer, amid which time he had sexual relations with a few women He too met Mandy Anderson through the web who told police that he had talked of his abhor for his wife
She said: “He loathed his wife, what’s more, he wished she was dead This was said in anger ”
Giving evidence, Gifford-Hull said he had utilized whores since he was not getting enough sex in his marriage what’s more, his spouse had grumbled he was no great in bed
During the weeks after the murder, Gifford-Hull kept in touch with Ms McGeachy through emails, saying that his spouse had cleared out amid an contention what’s more, griping that no one was considering of him what’s more, how he was feeling presently his spouse was gone
Ms McGeachy driven analysts to the site where she had had sex with Gifford-Hull after he was arrested
The court was told that Gifford-Hull had met his spouse at the point when she was as it were 16 as he voyage around Europe They had begun a relationship while she was working in Germany, what’s more, the couple at that point moved to England
Gifford-Hull said he had not called police after slaughtering his spouse since he could not break the news of what he had done to his children
In a statement, Mrs Gifford-Hull’s parents, Juhani what’s more, Leena Pihlajamaki, said: “We are satisfied that equity has prevailed, yet no sentence will ever bring our darling little girl Kirsi home to her parents, family what’s more, excellent youngsters who will never disregard her
“Kirsi needed nothing from life yet to cherish what’s more, mind for her children, what’s more, this she did with such enthusiasm what’s more, tenderness She was brilliant with bliss at whatever point we saw her
“She was not the aggressive, spurned lady or, on the other hand spook escaped to by Mike amid this trial On the contrary, she did everything to pardon him what’s more, to make the marriage work ”
Superintendent David Kilbride, who driven the examination said: “Michael Gifford-Hull told lie after lie to the police, to her family in Finland what’s more, their two children He intentionally what’s more, deliberately laid a false trail including the evident vanishing of clothes, cash what’s more, her passport
“The confirm has appeared Michael Gifford-Hull in his true light: a childish man considering not of his spouse or, on the other hand his kids yet of himself
“Kirsi’s family in Finland, who have been over for the trial, have endured incredibly as the misleading has unfolded False trusts in the early days driven to lose hope at the point when the body was found what’s more, the true nature of what had happened moved toward becoming apparent “

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