Gun-toting demonstrators surround Texas mosque shouting ‘Stop the Islamization of America!’to protest accepting Syrian refugees

Gun-toting demonstrators encompassed a mosque in Texas on Saturday screaming: ‘Stop the Islamization of America!’
The gathering of around 15 individuals outside the Islamic Focus of Irving conveyed notices in an obvious challenge against tolerating Syrian refugees.
It comes just over a week after the Islamic State psychological oppressor assaults on Paris, which started a surge in Islamophobia in the Joined together States.
Earlier this week, passing dangers were called in to two mosques in Florida, what’s more, an Eiffel Tower was graffittied onto another. In Pflugerville, Texas, excrement what’s more, torn pages of the Koran were cleared out at the doorstep of a mosque. 
On Saturday, admirers were subjected to insults what’s more, yells as they made their way to petition service. 
‘We are here challenging Syrian displaced people coming to America, dissenting the Islamization of America,’ said David Wright, representative for the gathering which calls themselves the Agency of American Islamic Relations (BAIR), on Fox 4 News.
‘I think the famous conviction is individuals are scared. They’re frightened to say anything about it. 
‘They’re frightened to come out to a put like this what’s more, stand in front of a mosque what’s more, challenge Islam.’
According to the Dallas Morning News, police were mindful of the rally in progress what’s more, cautioned the proprietors of the mosque.

Officers were positioned outside the focus to guarantee the dissent was contained.
Wright told the paper: ‘We do need to appear force. … It would be strange to challenge Islam without guarding ourselves.’

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