Laurence’s magnolia makeover (well, he has got a 1.6m house to sell): Llewelyn-Bowen gets rid of his garish decor after failing to find a buyer for six-bedroom Cotswold farmhouse

He once kidded that his as it were fears were magnolia paint what’s more, woodchip wallpaper.
But it shows up that broadly colorful inside originator Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has had to swallow his pride after his garishly-decorated Cotswolds farmhouse fizzled to find a purchaser in more than a year.
While the abhorred woodchip is no place to be seen, the dividers have presently been painted a tasteless yet innocuous shade of what looks suspiciously like magnolia.
Meanwhile the cost of the father-of-two’s previous family home close Cirencester, Gloucestershire has too been dropped by more than £150,000 to £1.59million.
Llewelyn-Bowen, 50, rose to popularity with the BBC1 home change appear Evolving Rooms in the late 1990s, in which his unmistakeable workmanship did not continuously meet with the client’s approval.
Famously, he once adorned a room altogether in creature print to which the stunned mortgage holders reacted by calling it ‘a tart’s boudoir’.
His claim six-bedroom house is an elegant, review 2 recorded 16th century farmhouse, yet the inside – a revolt of conflicting prints what’s more, brightly-patterned backdrop – is absolutely not to everybody’s tastes, what’s more, has driven to it being named ‘Poshington Manor’.
Yesterday he conceded that after a few imminent buyers pulled out ‘at the 11th hour’ due to ‘the moving sands of government policy’ he had picked to whitewash the inside – despite the fact that he demanded it wasn’t since purchasers did not share his trademark style.
‘Devoid of furniture, our house looked a touch tired what’s more, scruffy,’ he clarified in the Sunday Times. ‘And we found episodes of “I abhor Father what’s more, Mum” spray painting what’s more, puppy chew-marks.’
He added: ‘My long-held confidence in offering your home with LLB character what’s more, outline identity in place remains unbroken.’
Llewelyn-Bowen, who is presently working on a 10,000 sq ft outbuilding transformation adjacent along with his wife, Jackie, what’s more, little girls Cecile what’s more, Hermione, said his guidance for individual merchants was that to begin with impressions made a difference far more than person taste.
‘If you need to draw in the right sort of buyer, make beyond any doubt the property looks as great as possible,’ he added.
In a 2007 magazine profile, Llewelyn-Bowen said his twin fears were ‘magnolia what’s more, woodchip wallpaper’.
Explaining how he had gotten such peculiar briefs from customers that there was little which could presently stun him, he added: ‘I think the most freakish thing they’ve ever inquired me to do is paint a room magnolia.’

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