He had to gecko-ing! Amazing video shows determined lizard hanging on to windshield of vehicle going over 80mph

Holding tight for dear life!

An astonishing video uncovers a reptile remaining on the windshield of a speeding vehicle.

The little reptile was caught on the glass with its tail moving in video film of the occurrence, which occurred in Austin, Texas.

Look down for video

The vehicle’s speedometer indicated it was going at more than 80 miles for every hour.

Medvedi Petrovichi posted the recording on YouTube Monday.

The clasp was titled on YouTube: ‘The compelling reptile.’

Petrovichi composed: ‘My companion was driving 80-90 miles a hour and this reptile was a genuine trooper.’

On Reddit Monday, a similar video was shared by a client – evidently Petrovichi – who composed that the reptile survived.

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