EXCLUSIVE: Ryan O’Neal sexually assaulted me in Hollywood restaurant while my husband Marvin Gaye watched, widow of soul legend claims in explosive new memoir

Hollywood star Ryan O’Neal has been charged of sexually annoying the spouse of Marvin Gaye at a eatery as the soul artist watched.
Jan Gaye asserted the star, celebrated for his part in the Oscar winning motion picture Cherish Story, drawn closer her what’s more, the vocalist at a Beverly Slopes lunch what’s more, ‘made his move with incredible subtlety.’
He stood behind her what’s more, rubbed his penis against the back of her head through his garments – while talking to Gaye. 
Jan, 59, uncovers the experience in an unstable self-portrayal ‘After the Dance. My Life with Marvin Gaye’, which is distributed next month.
The second spouse of the Motown symbol sang backing vocals on the melody ‘Got to give it Up’ which was at the focus of last month’s $7.4 grant against Pharrell Williams what’s more, Robin Thicke who were found to have duplicated parts of the song.
She what’s more, Gaye had a harried relationship, their issues filled by drugs, at the point when they risked upon the on-screen character in a bistro called Daisy in the late seventies.
Jan composed that the lunch had been notable, to begin with at the point when Marvin spotted Candice Bergen what’s more, progressed toward becoming entranced, portraying her as ‘gorgeous enough to stop traffic’.
As Jan observed her, Marvin denounced Jan of having sexual outlines on her, yet she told him she was just rocked the bowling alley over by her beauty.
She added: ‘During that same lunch we taken note Ryan O’Neal…it was Marvin who appeared obsessed. He couldn’t stop staring. I didn’t see a physical attraction, be that as it may simply fascination.
‘O’Neal was an fantastically good looking motion picture star.
‘I told Marvin, ‘If I can see that you’re not sexualizing Ryan – just respecting him – at that point I trust you can see that I wasn’t sexualizing Candice. Excellence is captivating.”
Marvin told Jan her possess excellence had enthralled Ryan what’s more, prodded her that he was coming over to say hello.
Jan said: ‘He arrived at our table what’s more, shook hands with Marvin, who presented him to me. I was thrilled.
‘The excite took a extraordinary turn despite the fact that at the point when O’Neal stood behind my seat what’s more, squeezed himself against my neck that was secured over by my long, wild hair.
‘He made his move with incredible subtlety, be that as it may there was no mixing up the feel of his penis against my neck.
‘As he talked with Marvin, he kept squeezing ever so slightly. I had a amusing grin on my face. I didn’t know what to say or, then again do.
‘So I did nothing. At the point when he left, I didn’t share the encounter with Marvin. I was apprehensive it would as it were lead to a fight.’
O’Neal denied the account at the point when he was inquired about it by Day by day Mail Online. He said: ‘I’ve never met the woman.’ A ask to his operator for remark was not answered. 
Jan tells how she to start with created a pulverize on Marvin at the point when she was just eight what’s more, saw him singing on the Television appear American Bandstand in 1964.
The encourage child, who was one of jazz artist Thin Gaillard’s 17 children, cleared out a children’s home to live with her mother Barbara Seeker what’s more, at the age of 17 what’s more, through her mother’s music associations met Marvin in a studio. 
He had been booked to play at her birthday party what’s more, apologized for not turning up. They started an affair.
He was 33 what’s more, hitched to Anna Gordy, the senior sister of Motown organizer Berry Gordy, what’s more, she was 18 a long time more seasoned than the singer. The couple had separated.
She portrays herself as ‘a exhausted high school junior’ at the point when she met him, while she said he was ‘living the life of a bachelor’ what’s more, attempting to finish an collection which he had been hooking with for three years.
Their meeting lifted ‘the darkness’, she said. 

She would regularly observe Marvin recording late at night what’s more, he would pick her up in the evenings in his Lincoln or, on the other hand Cadillac.
The couple smoked weed what’s more, grunted cocaine frequently what’s more, Marvin developed more dependent on her company, inquiring her to stop school so that they could spend more time together.
Within weeks she was pregnant,  Marvin guaranteeing her she was conveying a kid which Jan said, made her uncomfortable. Yet she prematurely delivered the child.
Marvin told her: ‘Dear, these things happen. God gives what’s more, God takes away. We applaud him for his goodness what’s more, trust that next time he will favor us with a solid boy.’
She said she dreaded she had frustrated him what’s more, her stresses about losing him were never far away amid their relationship.
The Motown star himself was perplexed with weakness what’s more, spent much of his day in a drug-fueled fog despite the fact that his inventiveness with tunes such as ‘What’s Going On’ what’s more, ‘Let’s Get it On’ which was devoted to Jan, guaranteed his stature.
But he could not be without Jan what’s more, welcomed her to record with him in the studio along with his senior sibling Frankie.
While at their mountain top home in Topanga Canyon, California, they spent numerous upbeat days alone with their two dogs. Marvin educated her to drive, purchasing her a dark Porsche 911.
He rejected offers to perform live due to his frailty what’s more, as Let’s Get it On moved toward becoming one of Motown’s speediest offering songs, he said he would not tour. or, then again do any interviews. He needed flexibility with Jan from the world of appear business.
Janis Gaye met Marvin appropriately at the point when she was 17. 
He had fizzled to turn up to sing at her birthday what’s more, apologized at the point when they met a maybe a couple weeks later.
It was Walk 1973 what’s more, he was working on the multi-million offering Let’s Get It On album.
They started an undertaking nearly quickly with Gaye charming her by singing to her in his auto what’s more, eighteen months afterward their little girl Nona was conceived in Washington DC.
Their child Frankie Christian was conceived a year afterward in Los Angeles.
Marvin was hitched at the time to Anna Gordy, be that as it may he was separated from her what’s more, hitched Jan in October 1977.
Jan was conceived to the late jazz artist Thin Gaillard what’s more, Barbara Hunter. She had spent her early a long time in a encourage home what’s more, Gaillard fathered at for fear that sixteen other youngsters with different women.
Jan, who stop school to be with Gaye, remained close to the singer, indeed after divorce, what’s more, up to his death.
Jan presently lives in Rhode Island what’s more, is a terrific mother to the child of her girl Nona.
She was said to be the driving compel behind the lawful activity that gotten her youngsters what’s more, Marvin’s received child $7.4 million last month over the tune ‘Got to give it Up’ on which she sang backing vocals.
He told her: ‘I’m an artist. I’m not made for appear business. Appear business sees craftsmen as products.’
He once pointed to a destitute man living in a cardboard box what’s more, said he begrudged his opportunity what’s more, need of responsibility.
Despite Marvin feeling tightened by the requests of record organization administrators what’s more, the needs of fans, the couple delighted in the typical appear business life blending with stars such as Mick Jagger. Beam Charles, Rick James, Michael Jackson, Sway Marley, Richard Pryor,Stevie Ponder what’s more, Jane Fonda.
Andy Warhol needed to paint a representation of the Motown man, yet Marvin fizzled to take after it through with the artist.
Jan records Marvin’s adore what’s more, regard for his guardians what’s more, his closeness especially to his mother Alberta, who she said had a sweet disposition.
Marvin cherished his father, yet went from adoring the evangelist to detesting him, she said. Marvin Sr routinely beat his child what’s more, showed up envious of his success.
Jan bore two kids to the singer, a girl Nona whose landing excited him in spite of his prior wishes to father a boy, what’s more, at that point a child Frankie. Marvin had an received youngster Marvin III with his to begin with wife.
But after the birth of Nona, Jan uncovers she battled with her weight what’s more, Marvin despised her extend marks. He regularly harassed her what’s more, picked on her.
The artist moved toward becoming moody, duplicitous, narrow minded what’s more, suspicious as drugs progressed toward becoming a day by day necessity for him what’s more, after their second child, 
Anna Gordy documented for divorce.
Bizarrely, he was energized about ‘warfare’ what’s more, had to demonstrate his masculinity by taking on the lawful fight against his to start with wife.
He started dismissing Jan what’s more, went long periods without an intrigue in sex with her. He indeed had a peculiar energy in seeing Jan be unfaithful what’s more, once attempted to match her off with the soul artist Frankie Beverly by booking bordering inn abutting rooms what’s more, at that point blasting in to find them smoking weed.
Marvin, however, made Jan his lady of the hour after she what’s more, the vocalist were almost murdered in a street mischance that guaranteed the life of their driver.
Marvin gotten away unscathed, yet Jan was harmed what’s more, as she was hurried to hospital, he proposed to her what’s more, asked her to ‘stay alive baby.’
But his way of life was debilitated with requests from the IRS what’s more, he was exhorted to perform live on more stages to keep his homes what’s more, studio.
The budgetary weights driven to sharp lines between them what’s more, the couple begun to float apart, in spite of their wedding with a special first night in Hawaii where they were joined by individuals of his family what’s more, entourage.
He started picking on Jan on the beach, saying her bosoms were hanging indeed despite the fact that she was in her twenties what’s more, annoying her further by charging her of ‘bitching’.
Later, Jan chosen to have an undertaking with Beverley, be that as it may she could not concede it to Marvin in spite of his rehashed addressing of her.
Marvin Gaye was one of four youngsters conceived to Alberta what’s more, Marvin snr in 1939, in Washington DC. His kin were Jeanne, Frankie what’s more, Zeola.
He started singing in places of worship where his father lectured what’s more, was marked up by Motown organizer Berry Gordy after singing at his house.
Motown made a difference create his greatest hits counting What’s Going On, I Need You what’s more, Lets Get it On.
He was a multi-million offering craftsman what’s more, performed around the world in spite of the fact that he was anxious of flying.
He was a tremendous tranquilize abuser despite the fact that he kept up his Christian confidence what’s more, composed tunes committed to God.
Marvin, in spite of his recording success, owed millions to the IRS what’s more, grumbled that the Mafia had moreover taken his money, clearing out him bankrupt.
Marvin had a roller napkin relationship with Jan what’s more, told one questioner he was in ‘love-lust’ with her.
The drugs sent him into a downwards winding what’s more, he was disenchanted by his overbearing father. 
Although he said he regarded his father, he battled with him what’s more, in April 1 1984 he was lethally shot by his father Marvin Snr at their Los Angeles.

In one row, Marvin picked up a cut what’s more, held it over Jan’s throat. She took her youngsters what’s more, fled. They afterward reconciled, yet split once more what’s more, she could no longer trust his rational soundness what’s more, her claim certainty had been smashed as their cherish went into free fall.
She was intensely dependent on drugs what’s more, overdosed on cocaine in one session what’s more, had to be surged to hospital.
During her estrangement, she

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