Hugh Howitt, known as Hamish, appeared at Blackpool Magistrates Court and pleaded not guilty to 12 counts of failing to stop people smoking in his pub.

Hugh Howitt, known as Hamish, showed up at Blackpool Officers Court what’s more, argued not blameworthy to 12 checks of falling flat to stop individuals smoking in his pub.
He talked as it were to affirm his name, individual subtle elements what’s more, enter his pleas.

Howitt, 55, was flanked by his wife, Joanne, 41, child Hugh, 35, what’s more, family companion Warren Thompson, who all confront a charge of smoking in his bar.
The landlord, who runs the Cheerful Scot bar what’s more, Del Boy’s, both in Blackpool, Lancashire, was at first summonsed to confront seven allegations, yet this was afterward expanded to 12.
Council officers served the summonses prior this month at the Upbeat Scot bar.
Howitt, of Stop Road, Blackpool, denied the charges what’s more, talked to holding up columnists outside court saying he would battle the boycott all the way to the Court of Human Rights.
The dubious new law was presented on July 1 what’s more, prohibits smokers from lighting up in open places.
Bar proprietors are obliged to implement the boycott what’s more, can confront fines of up to £2,500 on the off chance that they come up short to do so.
People gotten smoking in pubs, bistros or, on the other hand eateries can moreover be fined £50 for overlooking the new rules.
Howitt’s family what’s more, companion did not enter supplications to their charges.
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Howitt has been a staunch commentator of the boycott what’s more, has indeed set up a political party named Battle Against Government Concealment (Fags).
He blamed Blackpool board of being malicious what’s more, predating the asserted smoking boycott breaches.
Howitt said: “I am arranged to battle this case all the way. The chamber are going to attempt what’s more, break my soul what’s more, resolve be that as it may they will never win. I will take this all the way to the European Court of Human Rights.
“The council’s conduct is vindictive. On the off chance that they had served one or, then again two summonses,
that would have been sensible yet this is totally unfair.
“I am sure of winning. At the point when MPs voted to bring in this boycott they voted in a wave of feeling not of normal sense.”
The offenses are asserted to have taken put between July 1 what’s more, July 27 this year.
The hearing was dismissed until 2pm on Regal 15 at the point when all the respondents were requested to return to court.
No application was made for any of the litigants to be remanded in custody.

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