Now that’s stage-diving! Musicians make waves at underwater concert in the Florida Keys

Hundreds of music-loving snorkelers what’s more, jumpers dodged underneath the waves for an submerged show at the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.
Songs such as the topic from ‘The Little Mermaid’, the Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ what’s more, Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Fins’ engaged audience members amid the four-hour music session which was communicate on WWUS radio station on Saturday. 
Some snorkelers imagined to stick submerged on deride guitars or, on the other hand play other counterfeit instruments such as a capricious angle flute. 
Others wore outfits portraying mermaids what’s more, seahorses as music sounded from waterproof speakers suspended underneath boats.
Distance swimmer Diana Nyad joined in the fun what’s more, said: ‘To be submerged in the ocean what’s more, feel the music coming from underneath instead of through earphones – it’s extremely enchanted what’s more, distinct.
‘You couldn’t hear it this well in the event that you were in a show sitting in the front row.’
In September 2013, Nyad moved toward becoming the to begin with individual to swim from Cuba to Key West without a shark cage, singing to herself to get herself through the more than 100-mile swim. 
One of the tunes from Nyad’s individual soundtrack, ‘Me what’s more, Bobby McGee,’ was played in her respect Saturday.
The so-called Lower Keys Submerged Music Celebration took put at Looe Key Reef, part of the mainland Joined together States’ as it were living coral hindrance reef, found about six miles south of Enormous Pine Key.
‘This is a way for individuals to truly appreciate the coral reef while at the same time tuning in to an ecological message about coral protection,’ clarified WWUS radio station news executive what’s more, celebration organizer Charge Becker.
Staged by WWUS in association with a nearby chamber of commerce, the celebration highlighted music uniquely modified for the amphibian tuning in experience. 
Accompanying the tunes were coral reef protection messages what’s more, tips on ecologically inviting plunging practices.

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