‘Hysterical crying’ heard before a 75-year-old woman was found dead in her Melbourne home

‘Hysterical crying’ what’s more, a lady’s shouts were heard coming from a home just minutes some time recently an elderly lady was found dead inside.
Police were called to the Melbourne suburb of Bentleigh about 4pm on Tuesday, where they found the 75-year-old.
One neighbor, who had lived on the same road as the lady for two decades, said she heard shouts coming from inside the house around the time the elderly lady’s body was discovered.
She told the Proclaim Sun she heard: ‘hysterical crying what’s more, a lady saying “oh my God, gracious my God”.’
The lady depicted the 75-year-old as ‘very friendly’, what’s more, said the occasion was ‘really very shocking’.
Kat Maraventano, who moreover lives close-by, told the production it was frightening to think something could happen particle the ‘family-oriented neighbourhood’.

Victoria Police said the murder squad were exploring the lady’s death.


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