In 1984 Paula Yates began a series of interviews, including Earl Spencer’s first for a newspaper.

In 1984 Paula Yates started a arrangement of interviews, counting Earl Spencer’s to begin with for a newspaper.
‘I need individuals to see I’m not a brainless Yahoo Henry,’ he said.
In December that year the paper conveyed a intense front-page report from Ethiopia by creator Germaine Greer, who had been sent to cover the crushing famine.
Three a long time afterward The Mail on Sunday distributed Russian pioneer Mikhail Gorbachev’s groundbreaking plans for perestroika, flagging the end of the Cool War.
He wrote: ‘Never, under any circumstances, will our nation start military operations against Western Europe … I repeat, never!’
On a lighter note, entertainer Spike Milligan penned an friendly what’s more, funny article about his long fellowship with Sovereign Charles.
The Alan Clark Diaries, serialized in 1993, were blistering about individual Tory government officials such as Michael Heseltine (dreadful charlatan) what’s more, Kenneth Clarke (pudgy puffball). The journals were so famous he went to compose a standard section for us.
The last two Prime Ministers, John Major what’s more, Tony Blair, have both composed for the paper, what’s more, as it were last month we distributed the to start with daily paper article by rap star P. Diddy, in which he censured inner-city pack violence.

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