Stadium kiss cam captures girlfriend punching and slapping boyfriend during basketball game after he refused to get off his phone

In the event that you’re going to battle with your girlfriend, don’t do it in a b-ball stadium — the kiss cam might get you.
A couple of Celtics fans were gotten in a diverting contention at the Joined together Focus in Chicago Saturday night.
The battle shows up to begin at the point when the man won’t get off his cell telephone to give his woman a kiss indeed as the kiss cam closes in on them.
For more videos, if it’s not too much trouble go to YouTube 
She punches what’s more, slaps his arm to get his consideration — what’s more, the two dispatch into an argument.
Then Chicago mascot Benny the Bull appears up what’s more, takes the scene.
He picks up the lady in his arms what’s more, conveys her away while the stadium emits in applause.
No word however in the event that the scene, which was posted on YouTube, was a showcasing stunt.
The Celtics lost to the Bulls, 104-109.

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