‘Police called to get an ISIS flag during the Sydney siege… and then raided the homes of those who said they had one’: Cops accused of ‘setting up’ Muslims during Martin Place stand-off

Individuals of the Muslim group feel they were set up by police who reached them inquiring for an ISIS hail amid the Sydney siege, a noticeable dissident says.
Rebecca Kay, who changed over to Islam what’s more, is presently a well-known what’s more, straightforward group member, was called by an officer from NSW Police Counter-Terrorism about four hours after Man Haron Monis took 18 prisoners in the Lindt café in Martin Put on December 15.
The officer said Monis was requesting an ISIS hail what’s more, inquired Ms Kay to offer assistance police find one, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
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She concurred to make telephone calls indeed despite the fact that she knew it would be a troublesome assignment finding somebody willing to concede they claimed a hail relating to the psychological oppressor group.
‘A part of individuals in the Muslim group were devastated. We were prepared to hop – “just say how high” – to offer assistance police anticipate a tragedy,’ Ms Kay said.
Ms Kay said the officer called her back various times asking she get an ISIS hail to Bankstown Police Station so it could be taken to downtown Sydney in a watch car.
But Ms Kay said the circumstance traded off her connections with a few individuals she contacted, who were suspicious about her ask what’s more, blamed her of being a police informant.
The next day police looked the house of one youthful man she talked to who said he had a hail yet chosen not to hand it over. Police too sought the homes of two other men who were contacted.
‘Obviously, they were tuning in to all our telephone calls,’ Ms Kay said.
‘I need to be capable to have dealings with police, yet at the point when it gets tossed back in your face, it sets us back two steps.’
Counter-terrorism police too reached Sydney man what’s more, onetime fear denounced Zaky Mallah what’s more, inquired him for an ISIS flag.
Mr Mallah, 30, from Westmead in western Sydney advertised the Counter Psychological oppressor police the hail that hangs on the divider of his apartment, the direct Islamic Front flag, yet ‘they weren’t interested’. 
Police in the long run found their possess hail yet changed their methodology what’s more, chosen not to give into Monis’ demands.
Daily Mail Australia has reached police for comment. 
Monis constrained his hostages to hand-off his requests in recordings transferred to YouTube, posts on Facebook what’s more, calls to media outlets.
His requests included a telephone discussion with Prime Serve Tony Abbott, to be communicated live on radio, a open statement from the government that the assault was being conveyed out by Islamic State terrorists, what’s more, the conveyance of the flag.

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