Cuter than your average bear! Munchkin the Shih Tzu wins hearts with his adorable teddy bear Halloween costume

Is it a bear? Is it a puppy? No, it’s Munchkin the Shih Tzu, wearing her Or maybe unscary Halloween outfit.
Cindy Roth from California made the feathery outfit for her tiny 14-inch-tall puppy out of a rich toy.
She at that point posted photos what’s more, a video of Munchkin online, with numerous fans comparing the creature to an ‘adorable’ variant of the Star Wars Ewoks.  
An 11-second film appears Munchkin bouncing up to the camera totally unconscious of how amusing she looks.
To make the costume, Roth measured Munchkin up what’s more, chosen an suitably estimated toy.  
She too picked a teddy with comparative sandy-colored fur.
She at that point cut the face, feet what’s more, back out of the delicate bear what’s more, expelled all of the stuffing but for the arms.

To finish, Roth embedded Munchkin’s front arms into the teddy’s legs.
A video of Munchkin wearing her bear attire has been observed more than 1.5million times.
Many have regarded the pup’s camouflage ‘cute’ what’s more, ‘adorable.’
‘I could kiss you forever,’ one fan exclaimed. 
Munchkin shows up to have a inclination for dressing up what’s more, another photograph appears her demonstrating a party hat, finish with pink plume trim.

For more from Munchkin the Shih Tzu, check out her YouTube.

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