Was broadcaster Alan Jones PRANKED? Blue rinse conservative crusader named ‘Barbara’ hilariously takes aim at university students

Is this elderly moderate crusader the best radio talkback guest of the year?
2GB’s Alan Jones gotten a call from a blue-rinse audience named ‘Barbara’ on Thursday morning what’s more, she cleared out very a enduring impression on the veteran broadcaster.
She called to express her terrify at seeing Prime Serve Tony Abbott what’s more, previous PM John Howard booed by the swarm at Gough Whitlam’s commemoration benefit in Sydney on Wednesday.
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But what begun out like the normal host-listener visit rapidly turned on its head at the point when Barbara, who may not have been all she said she was, had to stop the live discussion to put her feline out. 
‘Did you see those dolts booing our prime serve what’s more, John Howard what’s more, his spouse as they went into the hall,’ she told Jones.
‘I did. Cheered Julia Gillard,’ he replied.
‘Absolute disgrace. You see ’em there with their scarves what’s more, their soy lattes what’s more, their issues that they have with their college funding. Go out what’s more, get a job,’ she said.  
But Barbara wasn’t wrapped up however what’s more, her rage as of now had Jones in a chuckling fit.
‘All our impose dollars are being crunched up by them, they all look well nourished too, with their natural treats what’s more, their items they get from the wicked natural home-grown such what’s more, such, you know,’ she said.
‘Places that they have down there in those cleared out wing sides of town, it truly upsets me Alan at the point when we’re battling to get a cut of bread.
‘Drop a bomb that’s what I say. What a idealize put to drop a bomb.’
Jones as it were overseen to get in one word as he told Barbara she was ‘brilliant’.

‘Who’s the little fat fella? The Palmer man… he’s okay, I don’t mind him be that as it may I think he needs to go on a diet,’ she continued. 
‘Jenny Craig, Jenny Craig could offer assistance that man, I think.
‘Tony Abbott’s just got to stop winking at people! I mean, he’s an alluring man. He’s been doing the fun runs or, on the other hand whatever they call them.’


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