Phone call from hell: He’s tortured in his cell, punished for feeding kittens and banned from Raisin Bran for breakfast. The first riveting account from the Guantanamo Briton since THAT damning US report

It is precisely 13 a long time since The Mail on Sunday drew the world’s consideration to conditions at Guantanamo Narrows by distributing a front-page photo of shackled prisoners in splendid orange jumpsuits stooping some time recently American guards.
In all that time, one UK inhabitant has mulled in detachment at the notorious dread imprison camp.
Shaker Aamer, from Battersea, South London, has been called the lost Briton of Guantanamo, in spite of the fact that his monitors allude to him more mundanely as Prisoner 239.
While America’s Charge of Rights ensures the ‘right to a fast trial… what’s more, to be educated of the nature what’s more, cause of the accusation’, Mr Aamer, presently 46, has never been brought some time recently any court of law.
It was guaranteed that he battled with Al Qaeda against the US in Afghanistan. He has continuously denied this. In any case, the US has never tried the guarantee in court and, now, never will.
Barack Obama is conferred to purging the Cuban detainment office what’s more, numerous detainees have been liberated in the past maybe a couple months. 
Rumours proliferate that Mr Aamer, who was cleared for discharge in 2009, might before long be returned to England to be rejoined with his spouse what’s more, family. However for presently his 13-year trial continues.
Today, in uncommon declaration gotten by The Mail on Sunday, Mr Aamer gives his most point by point account however of his life in captivity. In a telephone call to his English lawyer, he conveyed his reaction to last month’s crushing US Senate report on CIA torment – what’s more, uncovered that one especially fierce method sent by cross examination groups was normal at Guantanamo.
His account starts with a depiction of an contention with his watches last Friday over what he ought to be permitted for breakfast…
I get to contend with Colonel Heath [Camp Leader Colonel David Heath] what’s more, his flunkies over anything I like. This morning it was over a parcel of cereal. They demanded on giving me low-calorie Rice Krispies Or maybe than Raisin Bran.
You might think this was a stupid thing to contend about. You are right. I ought to not have to argue. They had the Raisin Grain right there what’s more, they could have just given it to me. 
It is a sign of how this put is that I had to contend for 40 minutes about it. Yet in the event that a officer did that he would lose his rank. At minimum I have the opportunity to challenge each silly infringement of fundamental decency.
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The monitors are lovely focused as well nowadays. I tell them that my life is better than theirs what’s more, that much is true. 
I do not have to bow down to the Colonel what’s more, do the things that he orders me to do at the point when he is being unjust. However they have to.
The watches are all scared. It is as on the off chance that they are slaves. Presently they have a puppy called Titan who is their stretch puppy – they are implied to stroke him what’s more, feel better.
I as of late read Skipper Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres. I was touched by the gay trooper who takes the most noticeably awful of the shots what’s more, spares Corelli, what’s more, the lady who cares for the infant that was not hers. 
I feel I squandered time perusing a few American authors. I think Europeans have a enthusiasm what’s more, a more extensive encounter of life that interprets into literature.
[Many books are prohibited at Guantanamo, among them George Orwell’s 1984 what’s more, Creature Farm, and, bizarrely, the fairytale Jack What’s more, The Beanstalk. Magazines regarded satisfactory incorporate Yachting Month to month – yet Runner’s World is forbidden.]   
We are no longer permitted to get close to the felines who meander around close the work out yard what’s more, we get rebuffed in the event that we nourish them. 
I utilized to be capable to stroke Sou-Sou, yet it is harder now. Yet some of the time I see her tumbling around outside the wire what’s more, that permits me to escape in my mind for a maybe a couple moments. 
The new run the show is that we are not permitted pens. They told me that it was since it is dangerous, yet that is not the case. After all, a pen is four inches long what’s more, made of flexi-plastic. 
It’s hard to wound anybody with that what’s more, do much damage. However presently they give us shabby Chinese plastic toothbrushes, which you truly could document down to a shank in the event that you had a mind to. 
I can’t envision why anybody would need to, what’s more, anyway there are 20 warriors for each prisoner, what’s more, they have M16 rifles, so a honed toothbrush would not be much of a threat.
I was extremely enlivened to get a letter from Roger Waters of Pink Floyd recently. [Waters is one of the numerous famous people who have battled for Mr Aamer’s release.]
He composed about the Magna Carta what’s more, how Ruler John got in inconvenience for locking individuals up who had not had a trial. Would somebody mind telling President Obama about this? It was, after all, as it were 800 a long time prior this year that the point was recognised.
There is a sense that President Obama does need to exhaust the place, on the off chance that as it were since it makes him look so powerless to keep saying he will what’s more, never getting around to it.
But at the point when each individual leaves, there is a blend of bliss for that man and, for some, give up at remaining here. 
In numerous ways the administration is more terrible than before. There are a number who are like zombies since they have been on hunger strike so long.
Ahmed Rabbani, from Pakistan, is as it were 6st 8lb. He has been on hunger strike for well over a year, what’s more, he is not indeed requesting they stop compel nourishing him, which would be his right. 
All he needs is to be compel sustained humanely, Or maybe than the deliberately agonizing way they do it here.
He has been heaving for five or, then again six hours, what’s more, he swooned next to his toilet. We told the watches yet they did not do anything. 
After two hours, a protect came along what’s more, he had recaptured consciousness. The watch said: “I thought you were doing yoga.” Ahmed does do yoga, as do I, be that as it may that was lovely silly. 
We have a generally new colonel, Colonel Heath, what’s more, he appears plan on rehashing all the botches of the past. The day after my legal advisor last came to see me I was bolted up in detachment for a month what’s more, a half for nothing, as usual.
I’m considered agreeable at the moment: I’ve indeed had my orange uniform taken what’s more, am in dark colored to appear I am not considered a “bad boy”. Yet they rebuff me all the time.
I was taken to Camp V Echo, which is the most exceedingly awful of the most exceedingly awful in this place. I inquired why, what’s more, they said it was not discipline, be that as it may just one of Colonel Heath’s orders.
It’s not considered “isolation” of course, as they don’t have “isolation” in Guantanamo. Here, it’s called an SCO, which stands for Single Cell Operation. 
Colonel Heath has singled me out since he has four gatherings he needs to have clasp to his will.
One gathering (mine) is made up of “Bad Influences”. There are three of us what’s more, we are alone in the same cell block, yet isolated by numerous exhaust cells to attempt to stop us from imparting at all. 
Then there are the “Risk” prisoners, who are oppositional what’s more, will resist them at all costs. There are a gathering of “Co-operative Risk” prisoners, who co-operate with their orders, be that as it may are still considered a issue for control of others.
And at last there are the “Fighters” who battle the monitors at each turn, declining to comply any of the orders. It’s just like the old days.
Most individuals in Guantanamo, indeed of the 130 or, on the other hand so who are still here, were not included in any terrorism. 
They were in Pakistan or, then again Afghanistan attempting to keep away from individuals like Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi or, on the other hand any number of tyrants in the Center East what’s more, beyond.
If we are going to maintain a strategic distance from the foul play of the past, at that point we require to know what happened. Everybody has the right to know what truly happened. 
The thought of the torment report was interesting, in spite of the fact that I don’t especially mind in the event that I never get to read it. 
You may not have heard about rectal rehydration, yet we absolutely had. I have lived that torment report each day for thousands of days.
I utilized to consider over how they [his guards] could sit around at lunch what’s more, talk about what torment procedure they would utilize next. 
There were all the things that you would have read about. Yet there were too the senseless things that they would do, since they were all beginners who had no thought what they were doing.
There was one chap who would make me sit in a chilly room for hours. He would come in what’s more, play chess with himself, declining ever to say a word. Torment is at last a drug. You begin taking it, at that point you lie to yourself about why you are taking it, what’s more, at that point you find you can’t stop taking it. 
The last thing you can ever do is concede to individuals around you that you are an addict.
[Despite gossipy tidbits of his fast approaching release, Mr Aamer says he has not heard anything himself. In the meantime, he says he has asked a exchange to Camp Iguana, a little compound in the detainment camp complex that initially held youngster detainees.]
Back a few a long time back at the point when somebody was going to be released, he was permitted to live there. Despite the fact that you are bolted up you can see the sea. 
I said that since I have long been cleared for release, I ought to at minimum not be treated like a few criminal, what’s more, ought to be held some place that is not very as awful until they let me go. Yet I have heard nothing as usual.
I have been considering of what I would say to President Obama. I think it is this. The as it were thing a individual can never have as well much of is justice. 
We can positively have as well much hate. We can positively have as well much poverty. I think we can have as well much wealth; indeed once in a while as well much love, at the point when somebody is so desirous that he does something brutal since of his feelings.
I can ensure you that we can have as well much shading – I have had as well much of the shading orange for these past maybe a couple years. Yet we can never have as well much justice.
Since 9/11 the world has taken a off-base turn, driven by the US, which got angry. The US received the attitude of the honest what’s more, chosen that the way to bargain with brutality had to be more violence, consolidated with revenge.
In a way, what this is looking for to accomplish is the to start with genuine World War – they indeed call it a Worldwide War on Terrorism. 
The To start with World War was not a world war as such, more a European war. The same was for the most part true about the Second World War, which did not truly touch a parcel of countries. Yet what they are attempting to do presently truly would be world wide, which is a awesome shame.
When I at last get out of here, most of all I need to be with my family. Be that as it may I too need to set up the King’s School Focus for Equity what’s more, Philanthropy, in London. 
Let me clarify the name. In Islam, to start with you have the five pillars, which incorporate imploring five times a day, zakat (charity) what’s more, so forth. At that point you have the six columns of faith.
But past that you have what is called Ihsan, which implies actually ‘philanthropy’ yet which implies a con

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