Chelsea tractor? No, it’s a 300k hijack-proof Chelsea TANK: Range Rover bristles with enough gadgets to make James Bond envious

It looks like an common Extend Wanderer – yet it abounds with enough devices to make James Bond envious.
The new reinforced vehicle, named the Chelsea tank, is composed to adapt with small-arms fire – what’s more, indeed a concoction weapons assault – to thwart would-be kidnappers.
With thick protective layer plating, weapon ports what’s more, electronic jammers, the £300,000 vehicle is outlined for security- cognizant famous people who don’t need to stand out in city streets.
Stoof, the German organization which has adjusted the Run Wanderer Vogue, affirm it has too sold reinforced autos to the Remote Office what’s more, other Government agencies.
Its most recent vehicle, to be propelled next month at the Transport Security Expo in Olympia, is moreover fitted with sensors which recognize a gas attack, close down the air molding what’s more, supply new oxygen.
The vehicle weighs in at five tons – with its suspension what’s more, brakes updated to cope.
Among other vehicles adjusted by the organization are limousines what’s more, off-road trucks, with references to wellbeing in strife zones showing up all through its website.  

Armoured autos have move toward becoming a must-have adornment for safety-conscious celebrities, a few of whom have spent £200,000 on alterations to keep assailants at bay. 

Electronic stun handles, bullet-proof glass, night vision windscreens what’s more, slam guards are among the devices introduced to vehicles in America. 

Singer Melanie Dark colored is detailed to have purchased one of the vehicles last year, while rapper Kanye West snapped up coordinating hyper-safe Escalades. 
When he was Prime Minister, Tony Blair took conveyance of a completely reinforced BMW 7-series — named the ‘Blair Panzer’ after the German word for armour. 
Ironically, on conveyance in London, police found that unlawful foreigners had stowed away in the compartment lorry transporting it to Britain.
David Cameron has, as his official car, an armoured, top-of-the-range Puma XJ. Yet besting them all is U.S. President Barack Obama with his tremendous reinforced Cadillac-style limousine, named ‘The Beast’, which takes after him around the globe on official visits. 

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