It was a feat that would have made Buzz Lightyear proud…or extremely envious.

It was a accomplishment that would have made Buzz Lightyear proud…or greatly envious.
But for Yves Rossy, who at long last finished his flight over the Great Ravine in a stream suit, it must have been a relief.

For the Swiss adventurer, named JetMan, was constrained to cross out his brave exhibition at the last minute on Friday due to red tape what’s more, security issues.

Despite the difficulty Rossy did not give up what’s more, on Saturday tied on his wings what’s more, took to the skies for a astounding eight-minute flight over a five-mile radius.
Earlier triumph: Yves Rossy takes his custom-made fly suit for a spin… over the Great Canyon
Finishing line: Rossy takes off 200 feet above the Ravine edge to finish the eight-minute flight
Weight: 120lb
Wing span: 79″ (or 2 metres)
Average speed: 125mph
Climb: 360 yards per minute

Engine type: Four Jet-Cat P200

Engine size: Between 15 what’s more, 30 litres

Fuel: Blend of lamp fuel what’s more, 5 per penny turbine oil for lubrification
Flight time: from six to 12 minutes

The custom-built fly suit that Rossy wears on his back weighs 120lb what’s more, has a 79″ wing span.

It midpoints speeds of 125mph what’s more, has four engines.

The 51-year-old had ventured calmly onto the side of a helicopter some time recently it took off what’s more, into the sky above Guano Point on the Hualapai Indian Reservation

Once it had come to 8,000 feet Rossy, who flew warrior planes for 17 a long time in the Swiss Air Force, essentially let go, falling to the earth underneath some time recently terminating up his engines.
Then, looking like a high-tech, Lycra-clad Icarus, he taken off 200 feet above the ravine edge coming to speeds of up to 190mph some time recently opening his parachute what’s more, landing securely on the ravine floor.
All aboard: Rossy gets ready to board the helicopter which will take him to 8,000 feet, left, what’s more, right, holding the sides it takes off

Hanging around: Rossy calmly grasps on to the side of a helicopter as it climbs above the canyon. He at that point just hops off…backwards

Waiting for the moment: Cameramen hold up on a summit to film Rossy’s flight over the Terrific Ravine on Guano Point on the Hualapai Indian Reservation
Rossy said the flight, which was his to begin with in the U.S., was among the most noteworthy encounters of his life.
Previously he has flown his fly suit over Lake Geneva in 2002 what’s more, the English Channel in 2008.
His U.S. flight had taken two a long time to design be that as it may was held up at the last minute since the last Government Aeronautics Organization (FAA) endorsement had been given just 30 minutes some time recently he was due to take off on Friday.
Success: After being up in the air for eight minutes Rossy makes his moderate drop with a parachute
No go: Rossy had implied to finish his flight on Friday yet had to clarify to holding up media that it was crossed out due to red tape
This implied that Ruddy had had no time to practice. That may have been Alright in the event that the flight have been over water, yet with the Terrific Canyon’s caught edges what’s more, extending out rocks one off-base move could have demonstrated fatal.
‘I was not ready. It would be dangerous what’s more, discourteous to my group what’s more, everyone here to display something not well prepared,’ Rossy told the Huffington Post last week.

He too had to scratch off his to begin with endeavor at flying over the English Channel since of terrible weather.
To limitlessness what’s more, beyond… Buzz Lightyear would absolutely be pleased – on the off chance that not a little jealous of the adrenaline junkie 51-year-old 

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