Josef Witkowski died after being left with more than 100 injuries following the knife attack.

Josef Witkowski passed on after being cleared out with more than 100 wounds following the cut attack.
Neil Brook, 33, had sent his 27-year-old companion the message – what’s more, at that point assaulted him at the point when he turned up at his property since of the mis-understanding.
Witkowski went round to Brook’s level in Walkden, More prominent Manchester, after they had traded a string of harsh content messages.
Brook is presently confronting a protracted spell in imprison after being found liable of manslaughter.

In progress of the visit he had fitted blades to the entryway what’s more, close his washroom in his level which hit the casualty in the leg.

After enduring a cut wound, Mr Witkowski looked for asylum in the bathroom, be that as it may Rivulet crushed his way through what’s more, proceeded the assault.

The Bolton News said Manchester Crown Court heard the casualty had 104 wounds counting cuts, wound wounds, wounds what’s more, cut marks on his hands, with the deadly blow penetrating his heart.
A jury at Manchester Crown Court cleared Stream of murder, yet found him blameworthy of an elective charge of manslaughter.

The jury acknowledged the defendant’s guarantee that the ‘dramatic what’s more, to a great degree violent’ assault had been provoked.
He said Mr Witkowski had gone to his level with a knife, looking for a fight, despite the fact that it was never convincingly set up regardless of whether he had a cut or, on the other hand not.
Brook told officers at the flat: ‘I stumbled him up as he came through the entryway what’s more, I thought: “Right you’re getting it.”
Violence: Neil Brook’s level in Wilbraham Street in Walkden, Salford where he wounded his companion what’s more, neighbor in a ‘dramatic what’s more, to a great degree violent’
‘He had a enormous kitchen cut what’s more, I pulled my cut off the entryway what’s more, wounded him. I just lost it what’s more, went crazy. I thought we were mates.

‘All over a misconception over a text. I said mumble not nutter.’

Sentencing will be at a future date, what’s more, Judge Michael Henshell said: ‘Anybody looking at the certainties of this case would be struck by the level of violence, whatever the level of incitement is evaluated to be.
‘Obviously the sentence will be a long one.’

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