Women with cancer would ‘rather lose their breasts than hair’, says stylist to the stars Trevor Sorbie

Ladies being treated for growth would Or maybe lose their bosoms than go bare through chemotherapy, concurring to beautician Trevor Sorbie.
The VIP stylist, whose customers have included The Beatles what’s more, Helen Mirren, presently gives himself full time to cutting wigs for growth patients.
He demands that giving ladies back their hair is as crucial as the work of specialists what’s more, nurses. 
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‘Hair is one thing that is continuously on show. I’ve heard parts of ladies say, “I’d Or maybe lose my bosoms than my hair”,’ he said. 
‘I was very stunned at the point when I to begin with heard that. Be that as it may at the point when I thought about it, you put garments on, you cover yourself up. Growth is imperceptible until you lose your hair.’ 
His charity, My New Hair, offers free interviews to growth patients what’s more, trains other beauticians to cut wigs into persuading what’s more, popular shapes. 
He added: ‘If you see a lady strolling down the road with no hair, you don’t think of alopecia… You think she’s got cancer. 
‘And at the point when somebody knows you have growth they treat you totally differently. Most individuals don’t know what to say, so they don’t say anything.’
Mr Sorbie says he has made a difference ‘thousands’ of ladies so far, counting one quiet who needed to look great for her wedding hours some time recently she passed on in a hospice bed.
He chosen to set up his philanthropy after making a difference fit his sister-in-law Jackie – who has since kicked the bucket – with a wig in 2005. 
He said: ‘She needed a wig to look appealing to my brother. At the point when I put it on it didn’t look great. So I customised it what’s more, at the point when she looked in the reflect she burst out crying with tears of joy.’ 

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