Heartache of the wife dumped by our man in Kabul: Envoy ‘has baby with lover’

Last refreshed at 08:10 21 December 2005
Charles Kennedy was managed a new blow today at the point when a survey appeared a dominant part of voters say that the Liberal Democrats would do better without him as leader.
Mr Kennedy’s position has been under strike in the midst of reports that senior associates have prompted him to quit.
Only 38 per penny of those addressed by ICM said the party would perform best at the next general race with him in charge.
In the Gatekeeper survey, the majority, 52 per cent, thought that the Lib Dems would do better with a new leader.
At 76 per cent, Mr Kennedy’s fulfillment rating among supporters was lower than that for Tony Blair what’s more, David Cameron.
Both the Prime Serve what’s more, Tory pioneer Mr Cameron scored 82 per penny among Work what’s more, Tory voters respectively.
Gordon Brown, the man nearly certain to succeed Mr Blair, beat both with 83 per penny of Work supporters saying he was doing a great work as Chancellor.
Mr Kennedy’s disappointment rating among party sponsor was too higher at 22 per cent, than that of the PM (18 per cent), the Chancellor (15 per cent) what’s more, Mr Cameron (6 per cent).

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