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Last refreshed at 08:10 23 December 2005
What kind of society is it, where the tranquil articulation of religious conviction brings police thumping at the door?
And where raving officialdom considers it can “challenge” what’s more, “educate” fair nationals whose conclusions don’t meet with its approval?

Time was at the point when the reply would have been obvious. Such things might happen in banana republics or, on the other hand Comrade dictatorships, be that as it may never here. Not in tolerant, democratic, free discourse Britain.

Yet something upsetting what’s more, profoundly irritating is rising today, indeed as common associations for gays appear to celebrate our custom of live-and-let-live tolerance.

Take the encounter of Joe what’s more, Helen Roberts, earnest Christians whose standards driven them to protest – impeccably courteously – to their nearby council’s arrangement of advancing gay rights.

They conferred no offence. Their sees on homosexuality may be unfashionable in liberal circles, yet are shared by millions of Christians, Jews what’s more, Muslims.

That didn’t stop Wyre Ward Committee announcing them to the police, “with the goal of testing states of mind what’s more, teaching what’s more, raising mindfulness of the suggestions of homophobic behaviour”.

Evidently the honest to goodness articulation of a religious point of see is past the pale in that part of Lancashire. Be that as it may the police reaction was indeed more chilling.

In a region where brutal wrongdoing shot up by 17 per penny last year, you might think the compel would have better things to do than take after up this ludicrous endeavor to blue pencil free speech. Yet no.

Two officers called at the Roberts’ home what’s more, spent 80 minutes seriously addressing them about their non offence. They indeed had the boldness to caution the couple they were “treading on eggshells”.

A more clear-cut case of official harassing would be hard to imagine. Yet this isn’t the to begin with time police have attempted to smother conclusions that don’t suit the political elite.

Remember 82-year-old Walter Wolfgang, who yelled “nonsense” amid Tony Blair’s meeting speech? For that he was mauled by Work goons, at that point held by police under the Psychological oppression Act.

Maya Evans as well knows all about the new censorship. At the point when she stood at the Cenotaph to read out the names of English troops slaughtered in Iraq, no less than 14 officers were summoned to drag her away. For making a tranquil dissent she was bolted up, charged what’s more, fined.

And for addressing on the radio regardless of whether gay male couples ought to receive boys, creator Lynette Tunnels was told to observe what she said.

Whatever happened to proportionate, normal sense policing?

Today, politically revise senior officers appear prepared to push their powers to the restrict what’s more, beyond, on the off chance that they think it will if it’s not too much trouble the establishment. That raises further questions over Labour’s plans to cut the number of powers in Britain what’s more, Ribs to 12, making them more helpless to political control.

But just as stressing is the narrow mindedness of sees that don’t take after the winning fashion. Isn’t this gathered to be a nation where there is an unavoidable right to fair opinions, truly expressed?

And where no law-abiding national require fear a policeman’s knock?

WITH millions arranging visits to families what’s more, companions this Christmas, the standpoint – surprise, amaze – is transport chaos.

Though the rest of Europe will keep trains running more or, on the other hand less normally, our railroads will close down for 58 hours.

The long conclusion suits Arrange Rail fine, as it can do upkeep work without having to adjust travelers for any disruption. It suits the unions, since their individuals will appreciate a paid break.

And baffled customers? Well, who gives a hoot about them?

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