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Jake the labrador has one eye. He’s moreover going hard of hearing what’s more, is a little flimsy on his feet.

But indeed at the age of 15, a onetime weapon canine holds the intuition to retrieve.

Unfortunately, the ‘prey’ he pulled from a support wasn’t what Jake’s proprietor at first thought was a piece of safe metal.

As 59-year-old Stefan Bojanowski took the protest from the dog’s mouth, he figured it out with loathsomeness it was a corroded – yet still live what’s more, savage – Second World War hand grenade.
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Mr Bojanowski was capable to evacuate the projectile without dislodging the exploding pin.

The resigned instructor at that point cleared out the projectile on the ground, with a stick to stamp the spot, what’s more, rushed home with Jake what’s more, his two-year-old collie cross Coco.

He at that point called police what’s more, went with a lady officer to the spot next to a cultivate track close his home at Plumstead, close Holt in Norfolk.

An Armed force bomb transfer group arrived five hours afterward what’s more, securely blew up the weapon in a controlled explosion.

Mr Bojanowski accepts the explosive could have been lying in the fence since being lost more than 60 a long time prior from a wartime run 400 yards away.

He said: “I think Jake must have noticed the rotting explosives in the projectile since he made a honey bee line for this support what’s more, at that point came out with it.”
‘I prised his jaws apart…’

Mr Bojanowski said Jake was prepared as a weapon puppy by a past proprietor yet had been resigned at the age of two since of an injury. He added: “Even in spite of the fact that I don’t shoot, he has not overlooked what he has learned.

“Like any great weapon dog, he continuously finds things what’s more, tries to give them to me.

“Usually it’s rotted rabbits or, on the other hand birds which have been slaughtered on roads. He will indeed pick up tin cans.

“This time it just happened to be a grenade. I was completely scared – yet he was truly pleased of himself at the point when he displayed it to me.”

The show unfurled as Mr Bojanowski, a previous English educator at Cromer High School, was taking his canines for their early morning walk.

He said: “It was extremely foggy what’s more, chilly so I chosen not to walk on the regular trails what’s more, instead took the puppies down the lane.

“I let Jake off his lead so he could run around for five minutes what’s more, he all of a sudden shot down this cultivate track. I held up for him to come back. Yet he didn’t so I went after him while calling him all the time, be that as it may he’s very hard of hearing so he didn’t hear me.

“Then he vanished into this support what’s more, sniffed around some time recently coming out with something in his mouth. He was swaying his tail what’s more, was full of himself.

“Normally he comes up to me with whatever he has found – yet this time he just stood there while he held up for me to go up to him.

“I kept saying ‘drop’ be that as it may he wouldn’t let go of it until I delicately prised his jaws apart.

“To my awfulness I figured it out he was conveying a grenade. I think he truly needed to appear me what it was what’s more, give it to me as a present.”

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