High-flying women executives are paid 10% less than men doing exactly the same job

Last refreshed at 08:56 24 October 2005
Pub supervisors could procure up to £20,000 a year in rewards in the event that they empower individuals to fling drink under new authorizing laws, the head of a bar affiliation said today.
Managers are being squeezed to come up with business plans to keep individuals in bars at the point when round-the-clock drinking is authorized next month, it was claimed.
Dave Daley, head of the National Affiliation of Authorized House Managers, which speaks to bar managers, told the Observer: “I have been a director for 30 a long time in these superpubs what’s more, in town centres.
“How we make our cash is to make individuals orgy drink. The more individuals drink, the more I get as a bonus.
“The more liquor you sell, the more reward you get. They give you a target to reach.” He said supervisors felt under weight to beat deals targets.
He said: “We have these additional hours what’s more, organizations are saying to managers, ‘Give me your business plan, what are you going to do after 11 o’clock? In the event that you offer ‘x’ more we will give you more’.”
Mr Daley said the industry was inside its rights to make a profit, yet the enormous chains ought to perceive that they could not treat liquor like any other product.
“The distinction between us what’s more, other offering operations is that we are offering a drug,” he added.
Licensing Serve James Purcell said unreliable drinking advancements would be particularly directed what’s more, bars could lose their licenses as a result.
“Public conclusion has solidified since the mid-1990s what’s more, the act does put individuals on take note that we anticipate to make flighty drinks advancements a thing of the past,” he said.

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