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Last refreshed at 09:31 25 Regal 2005
Police today arranged a fractional remaking of the last-known developments of killed schoolboy Rory Blackhall.
The re-enactment – arranged a week after his vanishing – centered on the auto travel made by his mother on the morning at the point when she would see her child for the last time.
Police trust the reproduction may trigger people’s recollections what’s more, offer assistance give answers to what happened in the 76-hour hole between Rory’s vanishing what’s more, the revelation of his body.
The re-enactment too came on the day at the point when commemorations were being held to keep in mind the student at the West Lothian school he attended.
The body of the 11-year-old, from the Adambree region of Livingston, was found secured with a tent in forest on Sunday afternoon.
Lothian what’s more, Fringes Police officers exploring the slaughtering said the schoolboy, who was last seen last Thursday at the point when he was dropped off close his school by his mother, was asphyxiated.
Mother’s car
The remaking endured just minutes what’s more, highlighted a dark Vauxhall Meriva, the same sort of auto driven by Rory’s mother on the morning she dropped him off for school.
Shortly after 8.30am, the auto was driven by a lady along Senior members East Street what’s more, stopped in the lay-by where Rory was set down.
After halting for around half a minute, it headed for the indirect ahead, some time recently surrounding back on itself what’s more, passing the lay-by.
The remaking was played out without a youngster acting Rory’s part.
Detectives accept the auto alone will demonstrate the most vital memory-trigger for passers-by one week on.

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