Emperor Blair’s loss of reality is now total

Last refreshed at 11:18 07 October 2006
Another day of discretionary endeavors to secure the discharge of four English oil laborers held hostage in Nigeria are proceeding today.
The men were among seven abroad laborers snatched in an assault on a private compound in the country’s Akwa Ibom state on Tuesday.
Yesterday, English authorities were bolted in talks with counselors in the West African nation to attempt what’s more, get the laborers released.
A Remote what’s more, Region Office (FCO) representative said serious endeavors would continue.
Contact was made with one of the seven hostages after the kidnap, who allegedly said he what’s more, his partners were “okay”.
There have been unverified reports that the hijackers have requested a £21 million emancipate for the Britons, £5.3 million for each grabbed worker.
The English workers are all caught on to be from the north-east of Scotland. One is hitched father-of-two Paul Smith from Peterhead in Aberdeenshire.
Mr Smith had been working in Nigeria for about a year. It has been revealed that the men were hijacked from a bar inside the Exxon Mobil contractors’ compound in Eket.
Three of the English men work for Sparrows Offshore, which is based in Connect of Don, Aberdeenshire.
Sparrows Seaward said it was working “round the clock” with the FCO, nearby police what’s more, guides in Nigeria to get the men released. Nigerian police what’s more, outfitted powers have presently cordoned off the private compound.
In light of the kidnappings, the FCO is prompting against all yet fundamental travel to Nigeria.

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