Racists ‘torture’ woman held captive for a week in West Virginia

Last refreshed at 11:37 12 September 2007
Six individuals have been charged with a horrendous assault on a dark lady who they held hostage for a week.

The six, who are all white what’s more, incorporate a mother what’s more, son, were captured for hijacking 23-year-old Megan Williams what’s more, tormenting her over seven days at a house in Charleston, West Virginia.

During the attack, which has sent shockwaves over America, Ms Williams was sexually assaulted, beaten what’s more, stabbed. The posse moreover made her eat pooch what’s more, rodent defecation what’s more, drink from a can while telling her: “That’s what happens to n****** around here.”

She moreover had her hair pulled out what’s more, cut what’s more, was stifled with a link amid the ordeal, which police depicted as ‘something from a repulsiveness movie’.

Ms Williams was found at the house after police gotten an unknown tip-off what’s more, was detailed to have limped towards officers with arms outstretched pleading, ‘help me’.

Waiving her right to anonymity, Ms Williams, who is presently recouping in hospital, told reporters, “I am better”.

Her mother Carmen Williams, who is at her bedside, added: “I don’t get it a human being doing another human being the way they did my daughter.”

Frankie Brewster, 49, who possesses the home where the asserted assaults occurred, is charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, malignant injuring what’s more, giving false data amid a lawful offense investigation.

The other five, who remain in authority what’s more, incorporate her child Bobby, 24, share a number of charges counting kidnapping, sexual assault, malignant injuring what’s more, strike amid the commission of a felony. They may too be charged under US race-hate laws.

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