High-flying women executives are paid 10% less than men doing exactly the same job

Last refreshed at 13:02 25 October 2005
So this is how England ensures itself against possibly the most fatal pandemic since 1918. This is the reality behind Whitehall’s mitigating affirmations on its arrangements to adapt with fledgling flu.
Two a long time after the infection was identified, the gaps in our protections are extremely apparent. The exchange in extraordinary feathered creatures – maybe the most risky implies of spreading contamination – still continues, with tens of thousands imported each year.
Quarantine? The framework is wide open. A parrot has passed on in Essex, with the H5N1 infection affirmed here for the to start with time, since of a disappointment in our regulations.
That South American winged creature was kept close one from Taiwan, a closeness that permitted cross-infection. What’s more, presently we learn that the merchant running the office is a VAT fraudster who was imprisoned in 1997.
Astonishingly, Whitehall doesn’t convey out character checks. So in this case, a isolate focus – a basic defend against sickness – was depended to a criminal indicted for cutting corners.
Shamefully the Government declines to affirm the personality of the firm involved, Pegasus Feathered creatures Ltd. Such self-serving mystery scarcely empowers confidence. Nor does it recommend much desperation at the point when Pastors are as it were presently looking for an EU-wide boycott on the fledgling trade.
Britain has been fortunate so far. Yet after Tory mishandling on BSE, Labour’s foot-and-mouth shambles what’s more, presently this refusal to come clean on an issue of such importance, can the open be faulted for pondering how long that good fortune will hold?
Last chance
Powerful words. Sparkling promises. With Messianic fervour, Tony Blair uncovers his vision for “independent, self-governing state schools with reasonable financing what’s more, reasonable admissions, driven above all by the needs of pupils…”
Who would oppose this idea with that ambition?
When Ofsted grumbles that kids are advertised nothing better than “mediocrity” by one in four schools, there is clearly a require to free training from the “deadening uniformity” of chamber control.
But why ought to Mr Blair be trusted? He talks of higher standards, more decision what’s more, state understudies accomplishing the measures of the private sector. Admirable.
But weren’t those things on offer in the old concede kept up schools, which gave a free, first-class training to brilliant youngsters from poorer foundations – what’s more, which his Government annulled in 1998?
Now he looks for to turn around that act of demonstrate hatred for by giving state schools numerous of the opportunities he rejected then. What’s more, indeed it would be awesome in the event that he accomplished results.
But on the off chance that the spills are to be believed, he has as of now supported down on giving guardians genuine control over their decision of schools. The Office for Training – what’s more, Clergymen such as John Prescott – stand up to reform. Work MPs are straightforwardly hostile.
Mr Blair says today’s Instruction White Paper speaks to a “pivotal moment” for his Government. Indeed.
After eight-and-a-half a long time in which he has fizzled to change welfare, the NHS or, then again pensions, isn’t this his last possibility to offer something other than exhaust rhetoric?
Fair exchange?
Has there ever been such a drain of expertise what’s more, talent?
According to the World Bank, one in six English graduates – 1.4million of our most attractive individuals – presently works abroad.
At the same time, migration was a record 494,000 last year, not checking the armed force of illicit migrants. Numerous of these incomers have no capabilities at all.
Yes, the Government never stops to remind us that the dominant part by the by work hard what’s more, make a genuine contribution. Fine. Yet in this tremendous trade of populations, does it truly accept England is getting the best of the bargain?

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