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Last refreshed at 13:29 16 September 2006
Sainsbury’s have started a new round of oil cost cuts with a one penny diminishment in unleaded petrol.
The cut to 86.9p per liter was the most recent salvo in the general store fuel cost war, with diesel moreover falling to 91.9p.
It was the third time Sainsbury’s has cut costs in the last week what’s more, the eighth in the last month.
Jon Arnold, Sainsbury’s oil director said: “Significant falls in the cost of petrol, bolstered by lower rough oil costs mean we are capable to pass on these cost reserve funds to our customers.
“We will proceed to remain focused what’s more, will make further cost venture as we require to, to guarantee our clients are getting the best conceivable esteem from us.”
Asda said it would coordinate the diminishment what’s more, a representative swore further cost moves amid the week.
On Thursday Sainsbury’s what’s more, Morrisons had cut their costs to 87.9p for unleaded what’s more, diesel to 92.9p to coordinate a cut by Asda the past day.
Tesco, which has shifting costs over the UK, thumped 1p off its unleaded on Thursday while diesel remained the same.

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