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Last refreshed at 16:18 13 June 2007
A man with serious learning troubles was viciously tormented for hours some time recently being constrained to take 70 painkillers what’s more, fall from a viaduct to his death, a court heard.
Steven Hoskin was beaten, “walked” around on a puppy neckline what’s more, lead, what’s more, constrained to admit to being a paedophile some time recently he was slaughtered on July 6 last year.
Mr Hoskin, 39, who was unskilled what’s more, had the perusing capacity of a six-year-old, endured hours of “terrifying torture” at the hands of Darren Stewart, Martin Pollard what’s more, three adolescents who can’t be named for lawful reasons.
Mr Hoskin, from St Austell, Cornwall, had taken an IQ test three a long time some time recently his demise what’s more, came in the base 0.4 per penny of the country.
Stewart, 30, Pollard, 21 what’s more, a 17-year-old girl, all from the St Austell area, deny murder.
The three have argued liable to ambush occasioning real real hurt what’s more, Stewart what’s more, Pollard have argued blameworthy to a charge of false imprisonment.
Two adolescent boys, a 16-year-old what’s more, a 17-year-old, deny ambush occasioning real real hurt what’s more, all three adolescents deny false imprisonment.
Stewart too denies one charge of scaring a witness.
At Truro Crown Court, Cornwall, prosecutor Sarah Munro QC said that Mr Hoskin was an simple target what’s more, the pack assaulted him, tossing objects what’s more, stubbing cigarettes out on his head.
“His demise came at the end of an evening amid which he was subjected to hours of humiliating, excruciating what’s more, frightening torment, brutality what’s more, manhandle in which all five played a part,” she said.
“These five treated Steven Hoskin like a slave in his claim flat.
“They actually treated him like a dog, constrained to wear his claim dog’s neckline what’s more, lead, they found it funny.”
Ms Munro told the court that Mr Hoskin was made to admit he was a paedophile what’s more, had to sit on the floor under spray painting that read “nonce” what’s more, “should be hung”.
After the starting brutal manhandle had finished, the court heard that the two adolescent young men what’s more, Pollard cleared out the flat.
Then Stewart what’s more, the adolescent young lady gathered about 70 paracetamol tablets what’s more, constrained Mr Hoskin to eat them, the court heard.
Ms Munro said that at the point when Pollard returned to the scene, what’s more, with Mr Hoskin obviously sick, the three at that point brought forth a design as to how he ought to die.
The court heard that at about midnight they took him on a 20-minute walk to the top of a viaduct.
Ms Munro said: “Steven Hoskin fell 35 metres, 100 feet, from a viaduct. He was constrained what’s more, tormented into falling to his death.
“Add to that the truth that over the months his will, his capacity to stand up to anyone, had been totally abrogated by the treatment he had received.
“He was simple pickings for bullies, he was the idealize target.”
The trial continues.

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