Britain’s most-wanted foreign criminals revealed as police bid to flush out the killers in hiding

Last refreshed at 16:27 28 July 2006
Youngsters climb up a 40ft high pole what’s more, plunge off into the shallow water below, duplicating a scene from the hit motion picture Privateers of the Caribbean.
Cheered on by his companions on the pier below, this 15-year-old scales the boat’s gready fixing some time recently jumping into just 6ft of water below.
The adrenaline junkie jokes of these adolescents – depicted by port authorities as sheer ineptitude – were gotten on CCTV at Milford Safe house Docks, West Wales.
As a result of the stunt, youthful individuals have presently been restricted from the harbourside, where they have been permitted to swim in past years.
Docks supervisor Adrian Owens said: “The genuine turning point for us was the sheer ineptitude of two kids who were gotten on camera gambling their lives by climbing the pole of a bar trawler.
“They at that point went along the lubed wire ropes to the farthest point of the vessel’s derricks some time recently adjusting dubiously what’s more, at that point hopping into less than six feet of water.
“Had either of these kids fallen in reverse onto the deck of the watercraft they practically absolutely would have been murdered or, on the other hand at minimum extremely genuinely injured.”

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