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Last refreshed at 16:40 07 June 2007
The breathtaking spouse of French president Nicolas Sarkozy caused a mix last night as she increased the sex remainder of political Sways at the G8 summit.

She zapped the summit indeed further today at the point when she fizzled to turn up for a “leaders’ wives” photocall.
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Cecilia Sarkozy, the most breathtaking of the political WAGs, was prominent by her nonappearance at the German resort of Heiligendamm.

The 49-year-old French to begin with woman flew back to Paris “for individual reasons”, French government sources revealed. No further elaboration was given other than that her vanishing had been arranged in progress what’s more, it was not “bad news” for the president what’s more, his wife.

Mrs Sarkozy did make a star appearance at the world leaders’ supper last night, dressed in a chic dark dress nearby her husband.
But today she cleared out a gap in the customary spouses’ photograph as Cherie Blair, Laura Shrubbery what’s more, others postured on the steps of a spa inn in the Baltic town.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spouse Joachim Sauer accepted the solitary male part once taken by Denis Thatcher.
Even in a nation whose strict security laws permit open figures to lead themselves shamefully without fear of exposure, the Sarkozy marriage has move toward becoming a open cleanser opera, spiced by occasional separations, energetic undertakings what’s more, passionate reunions.
Inexplicably, Cecilia, whose reed-slim figure what’s more, unlined highlights give a false representation of her age, went missing for two weeks as the race battle come to its climax, returning as it were at the point when her husband’s race triumph was declared. It is thought she was on get-away in Florida.
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She once said: “I don’t see myself as a to start with lady. It exhausts me. I’m not politically correct. I potter about in jeans, battle pants or, then again cattle rustler boots. I don’t fit the mould.”

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