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Last refreshed at 16:51 25 June 2007
Thousands of bleary-eyed fans clearing out Glastonbury today were battling to get away from the site – as autos what’s more, camper vans got stuck in the scandalous mud as the rain proceeded to fall.

Tractors made a difference tow vehicles out of the boggy auto parks, yet indeed at that point drivers confronted the challenge of arranging their way out of limit doors as their autos slid in the thick mud.

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Long full backs shaped in what’s more, around the celebration site in Pilton, Somerset, as tens of thousands made their way home after three days of music what’s more, mayhem.

Avon what’s more, Somerset Police then said wrongdoing was down on 2005, with 297 recorded this year thought about to 328 for the past festival.
Officers made 183 arrests, fundamentally for medicate offences.

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Superintendent Adrian Coombs, who driven the arranging for this year’s event, said: “We thought it would be extreme to beat 2005’s reduction, yet as the thousands of individuals go home, it is the most secure ever festival.

“The climate has been a challenge for all concerned, be that as it may we get ready for awful conditions in the arranging for the occasion what’s more, this has positively paid off.

“We are presently included in the extensive operation to get individuals off the site what’s more, away from the area.

“Festival auto parks are demonstrating troublesome to get away from what’s more, the streets are definitely congested, yet we would inquire drivers to be patient.”

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