Drug-fuelled thugs branded two men with hot knives while filming the attack on mobile phones

Last refreshed at 17:07 31 Regal 2006
Norwegian police recouped “The Scream” what’s more, another stolen perfect work of art by Edvard Chomp today, two a long time after the works were seized from a gallery by gunmen.
“We are 100 per penny certain they are the originals,” police boss Iver Stensrud told a news conference. “The harm was much less than feared.”
“The Scream” portrays a startled figure under a blood-red sky. The other, “Madonna”, appears a bare-breasted lady with long dark hair.
Two equipped men broke into the Crunch Exhibition hall in Oslo in Regal 2004 what’s more, yanked the two works from the dividers in front of handfuls of scared tourists.
The paintings, both from 1893, have been missing indeed despite the fact that three men were indicted in May of taking part in the robbery what’s more, were condemned to up to eight a long time in jail. Two of them were requested to pay $122 million in damages.

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