The biggest send-off for a 50-stone father – in Britain’s biggest casket

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Tipping the scales at more than 50st, Stamp Bamber could never lead a ordinary life.

And so it was maybe fitting that his last travel ought to be an exceptional one.

After the father-of-one passed on of heart disappointment matured 38, his family were decided he ought to have a stately send-off.
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To suit his imposing 700lb-plus frame, a mahogany coffin was manufactured – 7ft 11in long, 4ft 6in wide what’s more, 30in deep.

As it wound its way completely loaded through the lanes of Mr Bamber’s home town of Wigan, it weighed more than half a ton.

Alan Roby, of memorial service executives Thorley Smith, the firm that provided the casket, said: “It truly was at the extremely edge of what is dignified. It has got to be the greatest coffin ever utilized in this country.

“And it is a coffin Or maybe than a coffin. A coffin is a straight rectangular box. It would have been inconceivable to make the pine box shape at that size.”
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He added: “There are no hearses accessible that would be huge enough for a coffin that measure so there had to be a horse-drawn stage for the travel to the cemetery.

“He might indeed have been the heaviest man ever to have been covered in this country. The burial service truly extended the capacities of all the individuals involved.”

Before the family individuals arrived for the service at Wigan’s Ince Burial ground on Friday, the coffin had been brought down in put with a mechanical hoist.

It was as well substantial for pallbearers. Mr Bamber’s dowager Nicky, 27, what’s more, child Connor, nine, were went with by the late man’s guardians what’s more, his six siblings what’s more, sisters.

Scores of companions what’s more, other relatives paid tribute to a “kind-hearted family man” who had struggled to lose weight for most of his grown-up life.

He had been out of commission for the last eight months. Paramedics were called to the house he shared with his spouse what’s more, child since he was battling to breathe.
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He was so expansive that fire fighters were brought in to expel his room window so they get him out of his home what’s more, take him to hospital.

He kicked the bucket on July 28 with his spouse by his side. He had overseen to lose 20st a few a long time back after being put on a eat less carbs of nutritious shakes be that as it may his diabetes, analyzed prior this year, exacerbated his weight problem.

In the weeks driving up to his passing his eat less carbs comprised of shakes, tea what’s more, dark espresso as well as a mixed drink of pills, counting antidepressants.

His sibling Beam said: “Mark was a huge man, extremely large, be that as it may he had a huge heart.”

He said his sibling had endured since individuals had jabbed fun at him yet the scores of companions who turned up at his memorial service appeared how mainstream he had been.

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