British round the world adventurer could be thwarted by the French Coastguard

Last refreshed at 19:51 28 September 2007
During his human-powered circumnavigation of the world, Jason Lewis has been run over, debilitated with a gun, pursued by a crocodile what’s more, denounced of spying.

But the English swashbuckler is confronting one of his most noteworthy hindrances on the last leg of his 46,000-mile, 13-year assignment – French bureaucracy.

The 40-year-old was arranging to return to England over the Dover Straits in his 26-foot pedal craft, Moshka.

But the French coastguard say he is prohibited from wandering more than 330 yards from the shore since he may posture a sea danger.

Mr Lewis demanded he was going to go ahead with the crossing.

“I get it their work is to induce individuals not to do doltish things. The base line is keep on pedalling,” he said.

Mr Lewis accepts his make falls into a “grey area” since it has demonstrated its stability by as of now crossing the Channel what’s more, prevailing the Atlantic, the Pacific what’s more, part of the Indian Ocean.

He could set off from Belgium, be that as it may this would mean a longer crossing.

Mr Lewis, from Askerswell, Dorset, has utilized kayaks, mountain bikes, roller blades, swimming what’s more, strolling since his campaign started in 1994.

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