Third ‘Madeleine in Morocco’ sighting: ‘I’m still convinced it was her,’ says woman

Last refreshed at 21:10 26 September 2007
A Spanish traveler who accepts she saw Madeleine McCann dragged over a road in Morocco has been frantically seeking for the four-year-old ever since.

Isabel Gonzalez, 60, is certain she saw the blonde baby with a North African lady wearing a headscarf in the remote northern town of Zaio.

The subtle elements of Mrs Gonzalez’s seek came on the same day that another “sighting” in Morocco was ruled out.

A occasion snap taken by another traveler had caught an picture of a little young lady lashed to her mother’s back. Yet the worker rancher in the photograph – what’s more, her little girl Bushra – have been traced.
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The most recent report brings the number of sightings of Madeleine in Morocco to four since she vanished from Portugal on May 3.
Isabel, a mother-of-six, said today: “I am completely persuaded I saw Madeleine with a Muslim lady crossing the road in Zaio towards the end of May.
“I saw her confront obviously from just a maybe a couple yards what’s more, instantly thought ‘That’s Madeleine!’
“The lady was acting strangely, stowing away her confront from the traffic, which struck me as odd.
“I shouted at my spouse for him to stop the auto so we could get to the lady what’s more, challenge her.
“But by the time we halted the auto what’s more, bounced out, the lady what’s more, the young lady had disappeared.
“My spouse what’s more, I started seeking the streets, inquiring everybody on the off chance that they had seen a lady with a little blonde girl.
“We went in each shop what’s more, cafe, yet the individuals of the town just weren’t intrigued in helping.
“I was in tears, troubled what’s more, felt completely powerless.
“I am a mother so I can envision what Madeleine’s guardians must be going through.
“We revealed the episode to the police afterward that day be that as it may they just weren’t interested.
“So the next day we took a few photographs of Madeleine from the daily papers what’s more, drove back to the town.
“We inquired everybody we met, appearing them the photo, be that as it may just got clear faces in return.
“Nobody in the zone appears to care.
“We too took a few photographs of the spot where we saw the young lady to the police to offer assistance with their investigation.
“But they have fizzled totally to explore our sighting.
“The town is extremely isolated, what’s more, the region around it is like a wilderness, with hundreds of houses specked around the edges where a little young lady could be covered up away.
“The young lady I saw was blonde, with pale skin, though everybody else in the range is dull cleaned what’s more, dull haired.
“A blast of wind blew her cap up as she crossed the street in front of us what’s more, I saw her little confront looking terrified what’s more, worried.
“As a mother I feel I have to do everything I can to help.”
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Isabel what’s more, her spouse Javier Gallego, a 61-year-old resigned Spanish air compel helicopter pilot, were on a day trip from their home in Melilla, a Spanish enclave in North Africa, at the point when they accept they saw Madeleine.
The small, dusty town is 40 miles away from the couple’s home.
Isabel said: “The lady was short what’s more, stocky, what’s more, wearing a dark headscarf what’s more, dark colored full length Arabic dress.
“She was strolling extremely quick over the road, not indeed checking for the approaching traffic.”
Today Isabel contemplated the photo taken by another Spanish vacationer in the Moroccan town of Zinat, just south of Tangiers.
She said: “It’s conceivable the lady holding the little young lady in the photograph is the same lady I saw.
“But the quality of the photograph implies it’s troublesome for me to be certain.
“I just frantically trust the police have not cleared out it as well late to find Madeleine.
“I revealed the episode to the Spanish police the day afterwards, be that as it may they did nothing.
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“After about a month I had had enough of waiting, what’s more, so I called the police in Portugal.
“They said to me: ‘It can’t be Madeleine, we accept she’s dead’.
“I can’t envision how numerous other leads they might have just ignored.
“I don’t need the attention be that as it may have am so persuaded I saw Madeleine, that I will do anything to help.”
The conceivable locating came to light after Isabel drawn closer her nearby daily paper to grumble that the police had fizzled to investigate.
Husband Javier, said: “We are strict rehearsing Catholics what’s more, our as it were inspiration is to offer assistance find Madeleine McCann what’s more, to offer assistance their parents.
“We have been back to the town six or, on the other hand seven times in the trust that we see Madeleine once more yet to no avail.”
Two witnesses guaranteed to have seen Madeleine in Marrakech six days after she vanished from the family’s flat in Praia da Luz.
However the photo which traveler Clara Torres accepted to be of Madeleine has turned out to be of a Morroccan farmer’s daughter.
Isabel what’s more, Javier live in Melilla, an north African enclave home to 60,000 Spaniards, nine miles from the Moroccan city of Nador.

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