Cadbury recalls thousands of chocolate bars over missing nut allergy warning

Last refreshed at 23:25 14 September 2007
Thousands of chocolate bars have been reviewed by Cadbury since they need nut sensitivity labelling.
The Dairy Drain Twofold Choc 250g special packs bearing the state “Win a Prize what’s more, a Half” are affected.
Cadbury is exploring how the printing mistake happened, which driven to the “may contain follows of nuts” message being cleared out off the label.
It is caution nut hypersensitivity sufferers not to eat the reviewed bars yet to get in touch for a refund.
The chocolate is safe to eat for individuals who do not endure nut allergies, Cadbury said.
No other Cadbury Dairy Drain items or, on the other hand “prize what’s more, a half” limited time packs are affected.
“Cadbury needs all customers to be capable to appreciate our items what’s more, would consequently like to apologize to any customers inconvenienced,” the firm said in a statement.
The firm has not gotten any client dissensions about the marking problem, a representative said.
Cadbury was fined £1m in July over a salmonella episode which put three individuals in healing facility what’s more, cleared out handfuls ill.
More than a million chocolate bars had to be reviewed after the flare-up was made open in June 2006.
A uncommon strain of the bug was followed to a spilling pipe at the firm’s industrial facility in Marlbrook, Herefordshire.

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