Mandy said: “The break-up has come since of Darren’s work weights what’s more, the change in circumstances

Mandy said: “The break-up has come since of Darren’s work weights what’s more, the change in circumstances
“As a Christian I would not need to live in a Muslim country Jamaica, where Darren comes from, is one thing, yet not an Middle easterner country It’s as well unsafe for the family ”
Darren, who was poached from his BBC work showing the One O’Clock News what’s more, end of the week bulletins, said he trusted to come to an neighborly game plan with his spouse for the purpose of their youngsters – Holly-May, eight, what’s more, Benjamin, five
He said: “We will be living independently for the next two months what’s more, then, for the purpose of our children, we will reappraise what we have in the New Year I will be coming back home routinely to visit Mandy what’s more, the children
“We’re attempting to keep up a common what’s more, friendly relationship ”
Sitting alongside each other in their Victorian patio home in West London, Darren, 45, talked certainly while his wife, 36, showed up misty-eyed what’s more, downcast
She said: “We have been attempting to work things out I figure it out Al Jazeera is an opportunity for Darren what’s more, a great vocation move
“He has continuously driven an fascinating life At the point when we got married, he said life would never be exhausting – what’s more, it hasn’t been
“It will be hard to be apart The kids are extremely close to their father what’s more, will miss him
“At the moment, we’re living under the same rooftop what’s more, attempting to keep things as typical as conceivable for the children ”
Rumours that the Jordons’ marriage was in inconvenience started coursing a couple of months back at the point when Darren gone to a TV industry occasion without Mandy
Darren, who served in the Jamaican armed force for eight a long time some time recently joining the BBC as a sports moderator in 1998, added: “I required a new challenge what’s more, this came up
“When we work out the coordinations of moving to Qatar, we will make a choice on our marriage
“The as it were individuals who can make that choice are me what’s more, my wife We have not seen legal counselors or, on the other hand documented for a separate what’s more, there is no one else involved ”
But he yielded that the couple would spend Christmas apart Mandy will visit her family in South Africa with the children, be that as it may Darren does not plan to go
Al Jazeera’s new 24-hour channel is causing waves in the broadcasting world – Sir David Frost, previous BBC reporter Rageh Omaar what’s more, ITN’s Shiulie Ghosh have all marked up
The channel’s existing Arabic benefit has started shock for appearing Osama Container Laden’s recordings what’s more, shots of executions from Iraq

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