‘But I wanted to run for President!’ Hillary Clinton sends little boy into floods of tears

Many celebrated recently as Hillary Clinton at long last reported her long-awaited battle to be President of the Joined together States, checking the begin of her battle ‘to procure your vote’.
But this political administrator was less than awed with the news, blasting into tears what’s more, griping that the previous To begin with Woman what’s more, Secretary of State had stolen his thunder.
Zeke Celello, who shows up to be around two a long time old, was overcome with feeling at the point when Clinton proclaimed her second presidential bid, what’s more, demanded to his mother that 2016 is his year to shine.
The video, transferred by his mother Erin to Facebook in the wake of the announcement, sees the would-be hopeful more than once state his desire to climb to the nation’s most noteworthy office so he could ‘play… with toys’.
He in the long run surrenders that recess is not the top need of a Commander-in-Chief, yet is still determined that he is up to the task.

Unfortunately, Zeke shows up not to have figured it out that the U.S. Constitution forbids anyone from holding the administration until they are 35.
However, unperturbed, he in the end takes his mother’s counsel what’s more, chooses to run for administration anyway.
Zeke in fact needs the battling encounter of Clinton, who as of now has to her name a period as Secretary of State, a spell in the U.S. Senate what’s more, eight a long time as To begin with Lady.
But he does have the advantage of youth over 67-year-old Clinton, and, not at all like his more experienced rival, will not be seen as a political insider. 
Accepting Ms Celello’s battle advice, he repeats: ‘I’m Zeke what’s more, I’m running for president.’
While he has however to explain a strategy platform, the adolescent is obviously not short on ambition. 


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