Morgan Trujillo was heading out on her black horse to round up some cows last week when disaster struck.

Morgan Trujillo was heading out on her dark horse to round up a few bovines last week at the point when catastrophe struck.
The Colorado youngster was tossed from the creature what’s more, maintained genuine head wounds — what’s more, to make matters worse, the youthful farm hand was alone in the pasture.
Unfit to walk or, then again talk coherently, all she could do was shout for help.
Dangerous work: Colorado farm hand Morgan Trujillo, 17, was tossed from a horse in an mischance that broken a bone in her skull
That’s at the point when an far-fetched legend heard the 17-year-old girl’s cries what’s more, came running: Her supervisor what’s more, the ranch’s owner, Keith Day, who is blind.
He promptly sprung into action, attempting to take after her voice, yet was before long frustrated by a few severe weather.
‘She screamed, what’s more, I heard the horse running back to the corral,’ he told Fox31 in Denver, Colo. ‘I begun strolling to where I heard the commotion what’s more, just as Morgan screamed, the wind came up.’

In the end Keith, who has been dazzle since birth what’s more, can as it were recognize light versus dark, overseen to find Morgan, yet was at that point confronted with another hurdle: No cell telephone service.
Blind ‘Superman’: Keith Day scaled a barbed-wire fence to safeguard his youthful farm hand at the point when she was tossed from her horse
Determined to get his faithful farm hand the medicinal treatment she frantically needed, he made the choice to convey her himself hundreds of feet back to his house — indeed despite the fact that he couldn’t see where he was going.
‘I know.. where the wall are,’ he says of his property, despite the fact that indeed he doesn’t know very how he explored a barbed-wife fence approaching in his path.
Her hero: ‘If he didn’t go get me, I might not be here right now,’ Morgan Trujillo, 17, says of her farm boss

Getting back to work: Morgan Trujillo trusts to be back at work at Keith Day’s farm in a maybe a couple weeks
‘I have no thought in God’s world how I ventured over this fence with her,’ he admits.

But Morgan says she knows precisely how he did it.

‘It’s ’cause you’re Superman, that’s what it is,’ she tells her farmer boss. ‘You’re stowing away you’re Superman from me.’

Once back at his house, Keith called for an air emergency vehicle for the girl, who was enduring from head injuries.

‘I broken a bone in my skull what’s more, have wounds on my brain,’ she told Fox31, adding, ‘If he didn’t go get me, I might not be here right now.’
Morgan has moreover made a point of making a difference her supervisor out, too.

‘If he needs eyes to do it, I do it,’ she says of her work on the ranch.

Morgan, while recouping nicely, still endures from cerebral pains what’s more, dizziness. She trusts to get back to work on the farm in a maybe a couple weeks.

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