Negative energy and how I invited ‘my little friend’ cancer to leave me: An extraordinary audience with Noel and his wife as he claims an electric mat helped cure him

Noel Edmonds’s lovely spouse Liz is next to herself. ‘Why are individuals so vicious? Why are they out to get Noel?’ she wails enormous boisterous tears.
‘They don’t know him. He isn’t in their day by day life. Why do they have to be so bitchy? I’m too bad . . .’ She battles to speak.
‘Noel is incredible. He has a trust support where he purchases wheelchairs for people.’
She turns to her husband. ‘You send individuals on occasion anonymously. You pay for gardens in hospices. You do so much that no one knows about what’s more, that’s why you’re my hero.
‘At Christmas, the kids from the hospice came here with their families what’s more, on his birthday [Noel, 67, was conceived three days some time recently Christmas Day] he was paddling them out to the island on our lake where we had a Santa clause what’s more, elves.
‘On Christmas Day he goes round the hospice in Bristol giving out gifts. That’s the kind of man he is. That’s why I adore him so much. He is such a great soul, however individuals can be so nasty. They just toss daggers.’
Overwhelmed, she takes off the sitting room for a tissue. Noel needs one, too. His wife’s energetic upheaval has diminished him to tears.
Liz has, you see, changed Noel uniquely since ‘the cosmos’ [more of which later] gave him to her ten a long time ago.
She is, he tells me, ‘the most uncommon person’ he has ever met; ‘a life force’, ‘a uncommon soul’. She has instructed him to lock in with his ‘spiritual side’, to not be embarrassed, to ‘let my feelings flow’ what’s more, opened his eyes to . . . Well, best let Noel explain.
‘She can see airs around people. I can’t,’ he says. ‘She was extremely baffled until as of late since she would keep saying, “Can’t you see the vitality in the sky?” I attempted to get what she was seeing be that as it may it gave me a ridiculous headache. She said, “You must be capable to see it.”
‘She portrayed it as brilliant sperm squirming around. Then, one day recently, we were strolling the canine over a field close Shower what’s more, she said, “Try again”. After about ten minutes I all of a sudden saw it. As it were mine weren’t golden, they were silver.
‘I’ve overseen to do it on two other events what’s more, I’m getting closer to feeling whatever this vitality is.’
We’re in the sitting room of their unspoiled Georgian home close Bristol. It looks as in the event that it’s come straight from the pages of Nation Life magazine, right down to the stone statues dabbed around the perfectly arranged gardens. 
A mother duck leads her boisterous ducklings to the lake in front of the house, while delicate music from one of Noel’s 15 ‘happy’ radio stations plays in the background.
Noel, who has an evaluated £30 million fortune, set up the stations with no news notices or, on the other hand commercials since Liz was frantically agitate by the pessimism she heard on the radio on the school run (she has two children, matured 14 what’s more, 12, from an prior marriage).
‘Every hour you’d be besieged with murder, assault what’s more, bombings,’ she explains. ‘You’d think, “God, I don’t need my kids subjected to that.” Your cells respond instantly at the point when you see or, on the other hand hear about violence.
‘The cerebrum begins to pick up the vibration of what you’re seeing or, then again hearing which causes your DNA to essentially get tight. It ought to be more relaxed.’
Which makes about as much sense as the ducks’ quacking, yet Noel looks on with doe-eyed adoration for his 47-year-old wife, who was working as a make-up craftsman at the point when they to begin with met.
He is so besotted with her you can’t offer assistance yet feel that in the event that she told him to jump, he’d inquire her how high.
She is, it turns out, ‘a criminological researcher’ who is never more joyful than at the point when surfing the net for, to a great extent alternative, wellbeing solutions. She continues: ‘When your DNA is tight it doesn’t work properly. That’s at the point when the ailment sets in.’
This is why I’m here. Upstairs, they have a £2,300 EMPad — a sort of electro-magnetic yoga tangle that points to empower ‘cellular resonance’ in the body or, in Noel-speak, it sorts out his ‘body vitality vibration’.
Indeed, they accept so intensely in this box of enchantment traps that everybody in the house, counting the canine what’s more, cat, is wired up to it for eight minutes a day.
Noel calls it a ‘miracle pad’ yet this week went a step further by asserting it made a difference him handle his prostate tumor with which he was analyzed in November 2013. His remarks pulled in mock what’s more, at that point outrage at the point when he told a distrustful disease quiet on Twitter that his sickness could have been caused by his ‘negative attitude’.
He was, as he says, ‘slaughtered’ on ITV’s This Morning by has Phillip Schofield what’s more, Holly Willoughby, with an shocked Holly addressing on the off chance that he’d inquire a youngster in the event that their growth was caused by negative energy. The growth sufferer on Twitter called him ‘a f***ing idiot’, adding: ‘This sort of pretense ought to be illegal.’
‘I don’t mind in the event that somebody calls me names,’ says Noel. ‘What I as a matter of fact tweeted was, “Disease is caused by negative energy. Is it conceivable your ill-health is caused by your negative attitude?”
‘I think that’s a superbly sensible question to inquire somebody. I needed a dialogue, yet my words have been corrupted. I’d trusted by telling my story it might spare lives, be that as it may Phillip what’s more, Holly were so hell-bent on seeking after an agenda.
‘It was as on the off chance that Phillip never heard a word I said. I was extremely tragic he didn’t indeed say a word of sensitivity at the point when I uncovered my prostate cancer.
‘I didn’t say a beat electro-magnetic field cures cancer. I don’t accept it does. All I said is that it will offer assistance handle cancer.’
Noel is utilizing the nonexclusive term for his supernatural occurrence cushion as the proprietors sent him a letter caution his claims could reflect seriously on their business. He has since taken down a video of the cushion from his website.
‘The thought I laid on a cushion what’s more, the tumor contracted itself is nonsense. I am not pontificating. I am not saying I know more than anyone else.
‘What we’re needing to do is to open a maybe a couple entryways what’s more, windows what’s more, let individuals feel the breeze.
‘I got cancer, which appears I haven’t got a enchantment formula.’
Electromagnetic treatment was created at the end of the 19th century as a cure for insomnia, fatigue, arthritis, torment what’s more, convulsions.
Passing a low-level electrical charge through cells is said to adequately kickstart them, what’s more, make them better at retaining oxygen what’s more, supplements what’s more, expelling wastes.
One method for it is beat electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. Treatment is brisk what’s more, effortless — you lie on a tangle filled with electromagnetic copper loops for a maybe a couple minutes a day.
In theory, the electromagnetically energized cells move toward becoming more grounded what’s more, better capable to function. As a result, fans say the treatment can increment invulnerability what’s more, offer assistance the body recoup from harm what’s more, stress.
It came back into design in the Seventies, at the point when it was utilized to support speed what’s more, continuance of racehorses.
PEMF devices, like the one above which Noel tweeted about, are utilized by physiotherapists what’s more, osteopaths.
Users guarantee it is great for torment relief. They say it animates creation of pain-relieving endorphins. Ponders appear it can offer assistance lessen swelling, make strides blood stream what’s more, speed recuperation of swollen or, on the other hand wounded nerves.
However, Dr Emma Smith, representative for Growth Examine UK, says: ‘There is no confirm that machines creating low-energy electromagnetic fields can adequately treat disease patients.’
A representative for Prostate Tumor UK takes a comparative stance: ‘We are not mindful of any distributed contemplates that have appeared electromagnetic treatment to be an viable treatment.’
Gently, be that as it may firmly, his spouse interrupts. ‘Isn’t it better to have your invulnerable framework in tip-top condition Or maybe than being torn to pieces by chemotherapy what’s more, drugs?’ she asks, some time recently creating pictures of blood cells taken some time recently what’s more, after an eight-minute spell on the mat. (Apparently in the ‘after’ picture they’re streaming more freely.)
She at that point seeks through her PC for more of her legal examine appearing photos of — hold up for it — water precious stones after they’ve been played extracts from John Lennon’s Envision what’s more, at that point overwhelming rock.
Yup, it appears in this never-never vitality arrive that indeed water is influenced by violence, so the Edmondses have a £400 channel fitted to their homes in Bristol what’s more, France which produces ‘positive water’.
Liz says she’s been ‘attuned to the common world’ for as long as she can remember, yet started investigating elective convictions in sincere at the point when she gotten to know a otherworldly healer 16 a long time ago.
She wasn’t looking for a accomplice at the point when she met Noel, yet the universe had other ideas. Noel composed a wishlist of desire and, Or maybe like a mail-order company, the universe conveyed Liz, who was working as a make-up craftsman on Noel’s appear Bargain Or, on the other hand No Bargain at the point when they met.
‘Some individuals call it cherish at to begin with sight,’ Noel says. ‘For us it was two vitality powers — two souls, a few individuals call it — in the true meaning of soulmate. As our relationship has created it’s very extraordinary. It’s nearly telepathic.’
In fact, at the point when Noel was analyzed with prostate cancer, he says Liz knew without having to be told.
‘It was a Thursday at the point when I sat down with Educator Raj Persad [a tremendously regarded urology specialist in Bristol] to look at the comes about of the examines taken after my GP found a spike in my PSA levels [a blood test that can be utilized to offer assistance identify prostate cancer. Ordinary levels are 4 what’s more, below. Noel’s had risen to 7.]
‘We went through the options. I was confronting chemotherapy what’s more, surgery. I said, “Is this an critical job?” He said, “Not at all. You’re on the edge of watch what’s more, wait.”
‘Throughout the whole two-and-a-half-year process, the as it were time I had any feeling was amid that drive home at the point when I thought, “S***, I’ve got to tell Liz.”
‘However silly it is, I felt I’d let her down. I thought, “The most vital thing is to be strong” be that as it may the minute I came through the back entryway what’s more, looked at her, she given in in.
‘She knew. I didn’t have to say anything. We embraced each other for a long time what’s more, cried, at that point we made a pact, which I accept would be valuable for other people: we never said, “We’re going to battle this”, since that’s negative. We chosen to welcome “my little friend” as we called it, to leave.
‘I put the picture of the growth as the foundation of my phone, so each time my telephone rang I looked at it what’s more, said, “Bye, bye”.’
It sounds about as wacky as accepting negative vitality causes cancer. Yet Noel is adamant. ‘I came through a exceptionally troublesome end of a marriage (to his second wife

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