Olympic volleyball champion Kerri Walsh returned to the sand this week to rack up some practice time with her new partner-in-crime.

Olympic volleyball champion Kerri Walsh returned to the sand this week to rack up a few rehearse time with her new partner-in-crime.
It has been as it were a month since her gold medal-winning accomplice Dim May-Treanor reported her retirement be that as it may Walsh does not appear to be squandering any time with her new accomplice Nicole Branagh.
The match were imagined amid a rehearse session in Hermosa Shoreline on Tuesday, which came after they lost a volleyball competition last week.
New team: Kerri Walsh what’s more, Nicole Branagh – Misty’s substitution – playing together at the AVP Cincinnati Open

Chillin’: In the event that Walsh what’s more, Branagh succeed in winning the gold in Rio in 2016, it will be Walsh’s fourth – after she what’s more, Dim May-Treanor secured the top prize at Athens, Beijing what’s more, London
Kerri Walsh’s new volleyball accomplice Nicole Branagh, left, distributed a picture of her what’s more, her father, right, while she was rehearsing at the shoreline with Walsh

The combine are arranging to go for gold in the 2016 Olympics in Rio so will require as much rehearse as they can.

if they succeed in winning the gold, it will be Walsh’s fourth – after she what’s more, Cloudy May-Treanor secured the top prize at Athens, Beijing what’s more, London.
The match are undefeated, having won all yet one set on the world’s top stage.

Gold what’s more, glory: Dim May-Treanor, left, what’s more, Kerri Walsh Jennings, right, posture with their gold medals, their third-straight, following the last in London
Jumping for joy: Walsh Jennings gets a few air time as she what’s more, May-Treanor celebrate their third gold award in shoreline volleyball
Following their win at London May-Treanor, 35, declared she would be resigning from the brandish to spend more time with her husband, Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Matt Treanor, what’s more, begin a family.

She said: ‘This is my last match. Shoreline volleyball’s not going to be my profession anymore… It’s time for me to be a wife.
‘I need to be a mother what’s more, share time with my family. All of us as competitors give up more on the family end than individuals realize. What’s more, it’s getting back to that. My mind says it’s time. My body says it’s time. What’s more, it’s the right time.’
Embrace: Kerri Walsh Jennings what’s more, Dim May-Treanor embrace in the sand after crushing April Ross what’s more, Jen Kessy in the women’s gold decoration shoreline volleyball final
Friends with kids: May-Treanor what’s more, Walsh Jennings hold Walsh Jennings’ youngsters Joseph what’s more, Sundance as they celebrate their gold award win

After winning gold in Beijing in 2008, May-Treanor what’s more, Walsh took a few time off.
Walsh Jennings, had two youngsters with individual shoreline volleyballer Casey Jennings – Joseph what’s more, Sundance.
May-Treanor contended on Moving With the Stars, be that as it may was constrained to drop out of the big name move reality appear after tearing her Achilles tendon.
She thought she was done with volleyball for good, until a 2010 competition uncovered a hunger for more Olympic gold.
Dive: Dim May-Treanor burrows out a ball amid the gold award shoreline volleyball coordinate against Jen Kessy what’s more, April Ross
Unbeatable: The group of Walsh Jennings what’s more, May-Treanor was the to begin with to win two gold awards in a row, let alone three
She told NBC’s Weave Costas: ‘There was this competition that came about. I played with Kerri – I don’t know in the event that I should’ve been very out there yet. It was USA versus Brazil [and I was] still playing at a great level after the damage – I was like, “OK I’ll come back.”‘ Handle
May-Treanor contended with another accomplice while Walsh Jennings had her second child, yet she wished to end the travel with the individual she needed to wrap up it with, ‘and that was Kerri.’
But on the street to their third Olympics, the pair figured it out their relationship had move toward becoming strained, what’s more, they looked for proficient help.
The St Louis Post-Dispatch revealed prior last month that May-Treanor what’s more, Walsh Jennings looked for couples treatment to reinforce their relationship some time recently heading to London.
Sportsmanship: The restricting U.S. groups embrace each other at the end of the gold award match
On the podium: The medallists tune in to the U.S. national song of praise amid the decoration ceremony
Walsh Jennings, 33, told the paper: ‘We were in a funk, mentally. It wasn’t physical at all. We were just in a abnormal place.’
What taken after were a few sessions with acclaimed sports analyst Michael Gervais, who made a difference them learn how to work better as a team.
What unfolded was an relentless association that staggered the world, what’s more, indeed had Ross what’s more, Kessy in wonder of the Olympic icons.
Perfection: Walsh Jennings jumps into the stands as she celebrates
‘I know how hard it is to win one tournament. What’s more, the sum of competitions they’ve won is crazy,’ said Kessy, who took the silver with Ross in their Olympic debuts.
She added: ‘For them to do it for a long time what’s more, a long time what’s more, to be on top is just truly impressive. We learn a parcel from them.’

Celebration: Kerri Walsh Jennings, left, what’s more, Cloudy May-Treanor, right, go wild after winning the gold medal
Battle: Jen Kessy, left, endeavors to piece the ball against Dim May-Treanor, right
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