Does McDonald’s charge different prices at various stores? Customer who bought a ‘$1.50 apple pie’ from a Sydney outlet was charged nearly TWICE that much on the receipt

One McDonald’s client was cleared out feeling short-changed at the end of the week at the point when they found they had paid almost twofold the recorded cost for a basic menu item.
Opting for an evening snack, the unidentified fast-food aficionado requested two solidified cokes what’s more, a ‘$1.50 Hot Apple Pie’ at a store in Sydney on Saturday afternoon.
However upon nearer examination of the receipt post-purchase, they found they had in truth paid $2.45 for the baked good – a check up of almost one dollar. 
Some commenters on social media hypothesized there was an blunder with the receipt system, while others guaranteed franchisees had the right to charge extraordinary prices.
One analyst who said they beforehand worked for the quick sustenance goliath said there was a additional charge for a few of the inner-city chains. 
McDonald’s Australia do not list the costs of items on their website. 
Daily Mail Australia has reached them for comment.

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