The Donald more than DOUBLES his national lead but gets trounced by Ted Cruz in head-to-head race

One-third of Republicans broadly are presently supporting GOP leader Donald Trump, a new NBC News/WSJ survey has found. 
The Donald’s lead has multiplied in the last month. 
Previously, he was beating No. 2 Republican Ted Cruz by five points. Presently he’s besting the Texas representative by 13 points. 
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While Trump’s horse is pulling away from the pack, Cruz’s bolster remains about the same. 
In December, Cruz gotten 22 percent of the vote, presently he’s at 20 percent. Trump was at 27 percent, presently he’s at 33 percent. 
In the next level of hopefuls comes Florida Sen. Marco Rubio at 13 percent what’s more, resigned neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 12 percent. 
Carson lost his force around Halloween what’s more, has plunged back in the surveys ever since. 
At the same time, his battle has seen a have of resignations, counting that of his back chair, which happened in the last 24 hours. 
New Shirt Gov. Chris Christie what’s more, previous Florida Gov. Jeb Bramble are tied at 5 percent. 
The rest of the pack doesn’t have above 3 percent nationally. 
Christie’s position is a in addition for the governor, who has seen positive movement, particularly in New Hampshire, in later weeks. 
Voters appear to be giving the New Pullover governor, who was to a great extent composed off at the starting of the battle cycle, a second look. 
Bush’s position is more disappointing, seeing that the child what’s more, sibling of previous presidents was once anticipated to lead the field. 
Trump, early on, made a difference fix the Shrubbery battle marking the applicant ‘low energy.’ 
And while these numbers are awesome news for Trump, they don’t tell the entirety story. 
If the swarmed field diminishes out to a race between just Cruz what’s more, Trump, the extremely rich person gets pounded by the Texas senator. 
Support combines around Cruz, with 51 percent of Republican essential voters saying they’d take him over the 43 percent who would select Trump. 
In another head-to-head match-up Rubio loses to Trump, 45 to 52 percent.
There’s one more figure from this survey that Trump can tout. 
Back in March, just 23 percent of Republicans said that they could see themselves supporting the previous reality TV star. That number has since bounced to 65 percent. 
Cruz, however, wins 71 percent, up 40 percent from March.   
Meanwhile, applicants with more battling battles have seen that figure decline.  
For instance, as it were 42 percent of Republicans could see themselves voting for Bush, which is down from the 75 percent who said they could vote for him in June.  
Additionally, 60 percent said they could see themselves voting for Carson, down from his high water check of 77 percent in late Oct.  


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