Pay rise: Hartlepool Council chief executive Paul Walker has been given a seven per cent pay rise despite calls for top council workers to lose money

Pay rise: Hartlepool Board boss official Paul Walker has been given a seven per penny pay rise in spite of calls for top chamber laborers to lose money
A Labour-run committee jacked up the pay of its boss official by 7 per penny recently in rebellion of calls for pay cuts.
Paul Walker’s inflation-busting rise takes his pay to £168,000.
Last night, the choice was censured by exchange unions as ‘morally indefensible’ what’s more, the Tories as unjustifiable.
The increase, in Hartlepool, comes as other Labour-led boards in the North are saying Government cuts mean they have no decision yet to diminish administrations for children, the elderly, relaxation what’s more, libraries, since they have no bureaucratic squander to slash.
In Hartlepool itself, hundreds of chamber employments could go, unions say.
The specialist is attempting to cut its spending by 19 per penny – £14.2 million – what’s more, has cautioned of cuts to open services.
The pay rise was affirmed by the town’s mayor, Stuart Drummond, who said Mr Walker’s pay had not been checked on since 2003.
However, the council’s accounts uncover that in the money related year to 2005 his pay was between £120,000 what’s more, £130,000.

That implies the boss official had as of now had increments worth 21 per penny over five a long time to take his pay to £157,205 some time recently the most recent choice to push it up.

The £168,000 figure implies Mr Walker’s pay is presently worth £25,500 more than the £142,500 paid to David Cameron. The difference, generally meet to the national normal wage, is well above typical pay in Hartlepool.

Facing cuts: Hartlepool needs to diminish its financial plan by millions of pounds
Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has called on committee boss administrators acquiring more than £150,000 to diminish their pay intentionally by 5 per cent. He needs those on £200,000 or, then again more to take 10 per penny cuts.
Mr Walker’s rise was not voted on by councilors at a full meeting – the framework that Mr Pickles is to demand boards take after from this summer onwards. It was concurred instead in private by the authority’s senior leaders, meeting as its ‘cabinet’.
Mike Hill, of union Unison, said hundreds of board staff confront losing their jobs. ‘The reality that a pay solidify is in put for committee staff implies that this kind of pay increment is ethically indefensible,’ he said.
Tory councilor Ray  Wells said: ‘It hobos belief. I find it troublesome to legitimize paying any one representative of a nearby specialist more than the Prime Minister, who gets £142,500. That is to take obligation for 60million people. To pay a boss official more than that for a duty of as it were 90-odd thousand individuals appears imbalanced.’
Mr Drummond said the board had diminished senior administration posts from 31 to 18, sparing more than £2.5million.  
Mr Pickles talked recently of his design to ‘democracy-proof’ the arrangement of £100,000-a-year  authorities with a open vote of all councillors. He said boards must not ‘sully their notoriety by taking choices behind shut entryways to compensate boss executives’.
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