Smartest student in town: How demure young Theresa May stood out in a striking pink trench coat aged 18 at Oxford

Posturing shyly in a striking pink trench coat and snazzy pullover, this is Theresa May matured 18.

Indeed, even in 1974, when the future PM was a geology undergrad at Oxford, her solid feeling of style put her beside her associates. This photo, taken from her class photo, demonstrates Mrs May joining her savvy coat with a purple skirt, red sweater and a designed pullover.

As opposed to her kindred understudies, a number of whom donned flared pants and tousled long hair, she settled on sharp cleaned dark strappy shoes and a perfect sway. Mrs May – then Theresa Brasier – graduated in 1977 having learned at St Hugh’s School.

While there, she met her future spouse Philip. By the late spring of 1979, the couple were locked in.

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