‘I’m issuing a new executive order that you cannot leave the show’: Obama jokes with Jon Stewart at his last Daily Show appearance before host departs next month

President Barack Obama’s battle to persuade Congress to bolster the Iran atomic bargain driven him to the Day by day Show, where he took pokes at those restricting the assention – what’s more, split jokes too.
In a back what’s more, forward on Satire Central’s political parody appear taped on Tuesday, Obama pushed back against hard questions from Jon Stewart what’s more, recognized they have something in common.
‘I can’t accept you’re taking off some time recently me,’ Obama told Stewart, who is leaving from the appear on Regal 6. ‘In fact, I’m issuing a new official arrange that Jon Stewart can’t clear out the show.’
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The president proceeded to kid his have what’s more, included the arrange is ‘being tested in the courts’. 
He did get genuine at the point when talking about the Iran atomic bargain in an endeavor to win over skeptics.
‘This is an adversary. They are anti-American, anti-Semitic, they support psychological oppressor associations like Hizbollah,’ Obama said of Iran.
‘Sounds like a great accomplice for peace,’ Stewart reacted sarcastically.
‘Well, as has been said frequently, “you don’t make peace with your friends,”’ Obama said. 
‘The issue here is, do we need them having a atomic weapon? The reply is no.’
Obama asked Americans to compose their delegates in Congress to express their feeling of the deal.
The Day by day Appear meet was Obama’s seventh what’s more, last appearance some time recently Stewart clears out the show.
Stewart inquired Obama for his take on Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, who has made a arrangement of comments, running from feedback of Mexican outsiders to affronts flung at Republican legislators John McCain what’s more, Lindsey Graham.
Obama joked, ‘I’m beyond any doubt the Republicans are getting a charge out of Mr Trump’s predominance of their primary.’
His appearance on the appear will air Tuesday night.
President Obama moreover went to the 116th yearly Veterans of Remote Wars gathering in Pittsburgh and pushed back against Republicans who restrict him on the issue while talking to thousands of veterans.
Obama said: ‘Some of the same government officials what’s more, intellectuals that are so snappy to dismiss the plausibility of a conciliatory arrangement to Iran’s atomic program are the same people who were so brisk to go to war in Iraq what’s more, said it would take a maybe a couple months.
‘We know the outcomes of that choice, what’s more, what it cost us in blood what’s more, treasure.’
Tuesday’s endeavors augmented the administration’s endeavors to pick up bolster for the deal, from State house Slope to the general public.
Congress is looking into the agreement, come to last week, what’s more, could vote to dismiss it. 
The process has incited a campaigning exertion on Legislative hall Slope from both the Obama organization what’s more, adversaries of the accord.
The White House begun the Twitter handle @theirandeal on Tuesday to educate Americans about the substance of the agreement.

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