President Obama made a surprise trip to Afghanistan last night to bolster the morale of U.S. troops and try and smooth over his troubled relationship with President Hamid Karzai.

President Obama made a amaze trip to Afghanistan last night to support the confidence of U.S. troops what’s more, attempt what’s more, smooth over his harried relationship with President Hamid Karzai.
Mr Obama’s flying visit came as a stream of U.S. discretionary messages discharged by the WikiLeaks whistleblower website depicted the Afghan pioneer as being ‘weak what’s more, indecisive’.
Mr Karzai has moreover been progressively straightforward in later weeks about American military raids.
Touchdown: Two protectors are on caution as President Obama steps off Air Compel One at Bagram air base in Afghanistan today
Great to see you: President Obama welcomes Leader of U.S. powers in Afghanistan General David Petraeus amid his flying visit
Aides said the two pioneers were arranging to meet at the presidential castle in Kabul where Mr Obama would console his partner of proceeded American support.
Rather than center on the defilement scourge in Afghanistan that was spelled out in the spilled cables, Mr Obama was said to be taking a more appeasing tone.
But, with a tidy storm debilitating to ruin the face-to-face meeting, there was a plausibility they would be confined to a telephone link-up last night.
Wrapped in a tight security cocoon, Mr Obama was as it were anticipated to spend a maybe a couple hours on the ground.

He lauded troops heading into another occasion season far from home what’s more, met with military boss at the Bagram Air Field.
Soldiers from the 101st Airborne anticipate President Obama’s landing for an unscheduled visit to Bagram air base in Afghanistan

Thumbs up: Troopers of the 101st Airborne in great spirits as they hold up for an address by President Obama
It was his second trip in nine months to Afghanistan what’s more, comes as his organization is in the center of a survey of the procedure he requested a year back to support frontline troops to about 100,000 – generally triple the number in the nation at the point when he took office.
The WikiLeaks messages advertised a exasperating picture of a government what’s more, society flooded with corruption,
In the most recent bunch of cables, US agent Karl Eikenberry called Mr Karzai a ‘paranoid,’ ‘weak’ what’s more, ‘overly self-conscious leader.’
The Afghan leader’s representative has demanded the spills would not influence his country’s ties with Washington.

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